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Week of February 7, 2014

This Week In…..

Writing: we continued working on our informational writing pieces. This week we spent time discussing the importance of incorporating terminology specific to our topic. We also discussed including a text feature such as a glossary to help readers understand the meaning of certain words. Additionally, we spent time discussing ways to research more about our topic. Students determined that books, using the internet and even interviewing people are fabulous ways to add more information to our writing. We borrowed iPads from 4th grade and completed research. Many of the students loved working with the iPads and determining if his/her research was appropriate for the topic.

Reading: we read a realistic fiction story titled The Science Fair written by Susan Wojciechowski and illustrated by Susanna Natti. The story is about a student entering a science fair and describes her experience before, during, and after the fair. During this story, we reviewed vocabulary terms and worked on the target skill: story structure and the strategy: visualize. Please continue to reinforce the concept of story structure with your child. We discussed all components of story structure such as: characters, setting, problem, events, climax, and solution (resolution). We spent time applying the concepts of identifying story structure to our readings. At home, encourage your child to identify story structure and describe their visualizations from their personal readings and explain it to you!

Math: this week we completed stations to help us prepare for our assessment on Chapter 5. Additionally, we began our Geometry Unit. We began the unit by identifying and naming line segments, lines, and rays. We also learned about intersecting and parallel lines, line segments, and rays. To help us remember the difference between these terms, students made foldables to reference to. Students are able to bring these home to help with homework. Please remind your child to repack the foldable so they can refer to it during class!


  • When preparing for our Valentine's Day party, please make sure your child has a valentine for each student in the class. A class list was sent home on Thursday. You can also find a list of students under the Poet of the Week or Star of the Week tabs on my eBoard.

  • It is important that students are studying their multiplication facts each night. It not only helps build good study habits, but also builds stamina and quick recall! While it is great students are using strategies such as repeated addition and drawing pictures, these facts must be known by heart. Students can check out my eBoard for additional practice with this skill. This week will be reviewing all multiplication facts!!

  • Please continue to assist your child in packing up all homework in order to ensure it comes back to school. A great strategy is to have your child check off each assignment after it is completed and placed back in his/her Take Home Folder.

  • Please check our eBoard and contact me if your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday in school.

  • Please continue to encourage your child to read all directions and put his/her name on homework before completing!

Important Dates for 3L:

Poet of the Week:

  • George: Friday, February 21, 2014
  • Poems must be submitted for teacher approval before a student presents

Star of the Week:

  • Ava: Monday, February 10, 2014

Guest Reader:

  • Barbara Anderson: February 13 @ 2:30

*Click the link below to my eBoard for additional details!

Central Events

February 10-13 CS Book Fair 3L is going Monday, February 10 from 1:45-2:15

February 13th Community Meeting @ 9:00

February 14th Valentine's Day Parties @ 2:00

February 27th 5th Grade Talent Show @ 7:00

Specials Next Week:

Monday Day 6:
  • Health

Tuesday is a Day 1:

  • Gym
  • Spanish

Wednesday is a Day 2:

  • Gym
  • Music

Thursday is a Day 3:

  • Art
  • Spanish

Friday is a Day 4:

  • Spanish

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