E Team Newsletter

Week of November 10th

Pie Day with Ms. Ellis's and Mrs. Esposito's Homeroom

Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 2pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Jacobs Fork, NC, United States


Please join us for our Thankful presentations and enjoy a piece of pie too!


Learning 2 by 1 digit, 3 by 1 digit, and 2 by 2 digit multiplication has been a great success! The students seem to enjoy learning to multiply higher numbers and are enjoying their success with the concept. Please take the time to have your child teach you the method for computing 2 by 2 digit multiplication problems. It may seem like many steps, but students are understanding the concept of multiplication and some are able to compute them mentally! Awesome!

We have been doing a series of multiplication "One Minute Assessments". This is a review of multiplication facts; an essential skill for higher level math concepts! The following students have mastered all facts and have earned a HW Pass for their success:


Block 1: Skylar, Tshim Muaj, Conner, Tak

Block 2: Joel, Maya, Jackson, Julia, Averie, Ansley, Preston, Lauren, Stewart, and Mischa.

Language Arts and Social Studies

Students are being immersed in our Native People unit with a special spot light on the Cherokee Tribe and The Trail of Tears. We have started reading Soft Rain by Cornelia Cornelissen. Students have been working on sequencing, making predictions, summarizing and physical traits vs. character traits.

We learned another way to summarize:
1. Choose and list the 14 of the most important words
2. Narrow the words to 9 by circling them
3.Narrow the words to 5 and write one sentence that includes all 5 words

A huge shout of "Hooray!" was heard across Blackburn now that both classes have officially learned and practiced all of the letters, both upper case and lower case, in cursive. Please encourage your child to write in cursive whenever possible. We are going to continue to practice this skill when we practice our Daily Grammar Practice (DGP).

Important Dates

November 18th - PDQ Spirit Night

November 21st - QR Code Scavenger Hunt - Volunteers Needed 12:30-2:00

November 25th - Pie Day - Thankful Presentations
November 26-28 - Thanksgiving Vacation
December 5th - Box Top Collection

December 9th - PDQ Spirit Night
December 22-31 - Winter Break - No School

January 13th - PDQ Spirit Night

February 10th - PDQ Spirit Night

March 10th - PDQ Spirit Night

March 20th - Science Center Field Trip - Chaperones needed

April 14th - PDQ Spirit Night
April 22nd - Tossed Away Recycling Play
April/May - Diamond Dell TBD

May 12th - PDQ Spirit Night

June 9th - PDQ Spirit Night