February happenings....

Cell Model Project

This is due on Friday-- Presentations will happen on Monday. Everything should be completed by Friday morning. They can be dropped off Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to my room. We will have visitors coming by to see the presentations on Monday. Cell Model Rubric

Science Fair Projects

These should still be in our minds.... The next Friday that we have we will be talking about our projects for the fair and getting into our research paper for it. It won't be this Friday the 14th. The students were supposed to be working on some questions for their project.

Friday February 14th...

We have rescheduled our benchmark that was "iced" out on last Friday for Friday February 14th. We will be taking the ELAR benchmark and do the Edcamp for it that afternoon.

After cells

We will still be using our foundation of cells as we move into body systems. We will be learning the different systems and learning about physical and chemical digestion before moving into genetics....