English 102 With Mrs. Buzzard

My learning experience in English 102 with Mrs. Buzzard

Unit One: Story telling

In this unit we learned how to tell a story of our own lives. We learned different types of narratives, some fiction, and some real. We were assigned to tell a true story in a media of our choice. The story had to be our experience with technology. Through my story telling process I learned to conform my story to the intended audience, who were my classmates. During our lectures, in and out of class we learned to tell stories in a certain way based on audience. We also read, and listened to a few different genres of stories. The main thing I learned in this chapter was adapting a non fiction narrative to the intended audience. With out the lectures it would have been difficult to learn how and conform my story to my classmates.

Unit One: Story telling Through Time

In this unit we watched and read different versions of King Arthur. We then had to write a paper analyzing the rhetorical situations in each version. To me this was one of the most educational units, because of how much I learned about rhetorical situations. Before starting the unit I just thought rhetorical situations were logos, ethos, and pathos. Actually there is much more than just those. I learned that authors have to consider their audience when creating rhetorical situations, and not just their audience, but also the time period their audience is in. According to that time period the author then has to create a rhetorical situation that would appeal to a subject living in that time period. Rhetorical Situations are not just created easy. They have much though and time put into them to create a effective story. After learning to analyze, I learned to create rhetorical situations myself. This unit would not have been as effective without the lectures.

Unit Three: Short Fiction

This was a short unit, but this unit was helpful to me in practicing citations, and annotated bibliography. I absolutely hate annotated bibliographies, but they are really helpful when writing a paper, or doing a project in the long run. Also the LDK handbook was extremely useful when creating citations, as was Mrs. Buzzards lectures. I use to basically only to EasyBib.com...Now I realize how completely wrong that site is. With all the citations I did this semester I learned how to do some with out even looking back at the LDK. I learned that there is not just one way to cite everything, there is literally a ton of different formats depending on the source.

Unit Four: Analyzing Short Fiction

This unit basically ties together every thing I learned in the previous three unites. Story telling, analyzing rhetorical situations, and of course citing work. This unit was useful because I got to use the skills I learned to create a very successful project. I analyzed the short story Araby by James Joyce. I had to do extensive research to help find reliable sources to back up the evidence of themes. After reading the story a few times I realized there was so much hidden themes that one really has to pay attention to. I analyzed each theme. After learning so much each unit it was a lot to take in, so being able to practice those skills learned in this unit was helpful, and really put the icing on the cake.

Thank You!

Thank you Mrs. Buzzard,

You have been one of the best teachers I have had in my entire school career. Everything was fun and educational. I learned more in this semester than I did in the past three. You are an amazing teacher. You are both funny, and professional. You were very informative. When I initially signed up for this online course I was dreading it, because last time I took one my professor paid us zero attention. He was unwilling to help us learn. Everything was disorganized, and I did not get feed back on any of my work until the last week of the semester. Going into this course I already had a bad taste in my mouth, but coming out I am thankful I took it. I will definitely take a course from you again if the opportunity presents itself, you are awesome. You taught me so much, and I cant wait to use the skills I learned.