Survival Guide for Champagne Castle

By: Said Reyna

Champagne Castle

Champagne Castle is a place with lots of mountains and rocks. the temperatures are temperate and it is located in south Africa.And it rains alot.

4 steps to survive

get to water, find sticks for weapons,find a place close to animals, and put mud on your face to keep away the Miskitos

Animals in Drakosberg

Three animals that are in drakonsberg are deer, leopards, and raptor


the deer can be useful to you because you can eat it and you can also use the skin to keep warm at night but it might be tough to catch it.
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3 plants that are in drakons berg are subalpotne belt, aspelium eathiopim , and gatoniavirid flora

subalpotne belt

the subalpotne belt can be a little use full because it is vegitation
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