The History of Phones

By: Keshav Chandran

The Creation of Phones

The phone was invented in 1876, by a man named Alexander Graham Bell. The first phone was large and didn't look anything like the phones we have now. You had to hold the large device to your mouth and talk into a hole. He shared his first successful result with Thomas Augustus Watson by calling him and saying, "Mr. Watson, come here."

Growth and Change

The first cell phone invented was the DynaTAC 8000X. It was still bulky, but a huge improvement. Phones have improved a lot, from size and quality to touchscreens. The most advanced phone now would probably be the iPhone 6. With a 4.7-inch screen, improved wireless speeds, better camera autofocus, and bumped-up storage capacities to 128GB, it takes the Samsung Galaxy S6 out for best phone.

Impact On Society

Phones have been utilized in many extremely important ways. It can be found in homes, in schools, and even The White House! The White House uses phone to communicate, get a report about a war that has just been declared, get a report about an international incident, etc. Phones are also used in police stations and fire stations to get calls about serious accidents. Phones save lives everyday. If someone in an emergency didn't have a phone to call someone to help, they could possibly die.