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Vision + Action 2014 Workshop

Vision + Action Workshop "Design Your 2014"!

Oh Yes! We are the Authors of our Life, the Artists, the Director and Star in our own Life's Movie. I'm just back from a Tropical 9 Day Visioning for my year ahead. You know, Resolutions or goals that don't stem from your Unique Vision have no power for manifestation. Join me to Design Your 2014 in a powerful group way!

Vision + Action Workshop 2014 uses any of my kinesiology/ yoga/ professional coaching skills to bust you through blockages in the 7 Levels of Change, the 7 Facets of your Life. As you create your Vision Board/ Pinterest Board, you will inhabit your ideal life. Last year's attendees had amazing results.

Tapping into your deepest 'dreams' you 'write' your ideal script for 2014. Vision Day - Design your 2014, is a chance to consciously map out your desired year. Working at a deeply symbolic level you draw the feminine into action - exciting!

Join this capped group for a creative, playful, yet high-level workshop. A grounded and embodied Vision WILL manifest itself!

Workshop first person: $175
Bring a Friend: second person pays $125

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Bring: laptop if you are doing a Pinterest board [I will show how Pinterest works] OR

Card, scissors, glue, mags, pics for a physical Vision Board. [I also have these if you don't - jut let me know beforehand]

Not sure if this is for you? Contact me to ask one of two questions.

1. You may want to goal-set, improve an area of your year, but not sure if you really need to 'vision'.

2.You want to design your life, but you are stuck on the vision board or Pinterest aspect of it.

Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441

Numbers are limited. Got a vision? Go BIGGER! One of my skills is to hear the deeper vision that you may not even be aware of and bring it into reality for you. Part of that skill comes from hanging around visionaries who manifest BIG dreams into their lives. Joining my group builds your vision - extra rocket fuel.

0410 570 441 - book your spot, or click here to get your ticket:

Vision + Action 2014 Workshop

Saturday, Jan. 25th, 10am-5pm

WorkLifeBalance [Milton Yoga Studio 1/47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane. Australia]

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Need more info? Contact me on 0410 570 441 - Susan Wanmer. What are you waiting for?!

Susan Wanmer Wellness, Yoga, Coaching

Over 30 years experience facilitating personal growth for my clients. My clients get results because I draw on whatever is needed to get them to their goals! If a physical solution works, we will use that. I am happy to dive into deeper areas to problem-solve for you. I often hold a higher vision for my clients than they do for themselves and my mission is to help them realise their potential. All this in a playful, joyful atmosphere. If you want more in your life, join my tribe!