Imagine it, Build it, Fly it

by-Alaina McIntosh

Blue Prints

Just a few days ago we made kite blue prints so we could imagine what our kites would be like. I chose a heart kite. It would be 3ft tall and 4ft wide. The colors I thought of the base would be pink and the tail would be blue/green and black. Sadly my group does not like my kite so I have to figure out something we all like.

History of my kite

To make my heart kite I would have to start out with a square shape or a Della Porta kite. In order to make a heart kite I would need to be able to know behind facts about my kite. Kites overall were first introduced by China thousands of years ago. They were used during wars, testing objects, and bait. Actually at first kites were not that popular in the beginning. Once they did become popular countries started trading with one another to get a kite. It was the latest new creation in the world that every country started trading them. From a passage I read in social studies it stated that kites were used by the Wright Brothers to test to see if their plane could fly. Now of the days we mostly use kites for fun and pleasure. Thanks to China we would have probably never known about kites!

Some House Materials in order to Make my Kite

My Dream Kite

What I am Thinking My Kite Will Look Like

I want my kite to be pink though,but overall this was what I was imagining in my head. The tail will be made of blue shoe strings and black elastic. Put them together with a rubberband and you just about made your tail!

Kite Word Problem

Westchester Middle school is doing a huge kite project. Each class will create a kite to represent their class and teacher for the annual kite contest. When it came to the end of the contest Ms. Sharps class won the competion. The class says that the reason their kite went the highest was beacause of the size. The length of their kite was 4ft and their width was 6ft. What is the prerimeter of their kite if it is a square shape kite? Also is it true or false that a kite flys the highest because of their size?Answer:The prerimeter of the kite is 20ft. False, A kite does not fly high because of its size. A kite flys high by drag, lift, gravity, and thrust. Also the light materials that you use would help.


My group has been through some small challenges, but with team work, responsibility, cooperation, and determination we got our kite completed. If I haven't learned these new skills I would have not learned the meaning of accomplishment. So yhea who cares if you messed up your kite, and you have to do it over again. That is the whole process of accomplishment. Be proud of it. It can take you to achive higher goals you never imagined.