Welcome Lily

To China Town

Welcome to China Town

China Town is were culture comes to life. Here are some tips and tricks for China Town.

China Town

China town in San Francisco is the biggest china town out of Asia! It's also the oldest. This Town gets a lot off..... tourists and people around the world. This place as a lot of attractions.


Lion Dancing is a popular thing. They do lion dancing when there's a grand opening, party, Fundraiser, fairs, and weddings. In the Lion dance there are games played like, running threw a maze to get, lettuce. Lettuce is money. They also dance very gracefully.
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Lion Dancing (including "Drunken Lion Dance") at Chinese New Year Flower Fair 2015 San Francisco

Since you are preteen you need to go to a school

  • Nam Kue Chinese School
  • Chinese Central High School
  • Academy of Art University - School of Fine Art Sculpture
  • Y.C. Wong Kung Fu Studio
  • Cumberland Chinese School
  • Academy of Art University - Photo Gallery

Popular Food

  • Dim Sum
  • Fortune cookie
  • Moon cakes
  • Tea


  • Lion dancing
  • Dragon Dance
  • Flower fair
  • Paper crafts

Things to tour

  1. Sight seeing
  2. Blue & gold fleet
  3. Red & white fleet
  4. Big bus tours

People to say hi or make friends with



Tiger Lil- Auntie- your Aunt

Professor Sheng




Kong- depends

Web sites for information or Books


The case of the Lion dance