Badger Bulletin

January 4th

School News

SETTING UP CANVAS: link provides steps on how to set up a parent account on Canvas

Please be sure to encourage your child to advocate for his- or her- self at school, as this will prepare them for high school.

Students should be working on their health journals. They received copies of 21-30, the set that is due either this week.

ILA Classes

Stems: Students can practice on,, or by searching wwtw.

Read 180: Students are starting a science fiction unit. We will begin reading The Giver this week focusing on elements of science fiction.

Story: Students are completing a project on The Giver.

Glassman: Students are completing a research project on inventions.

System 44:

  • Students will be starting a new module in their System 44 books called "Guilty until proven innocent"
  • This week: Finishing our opinion piece project beginning to work on our GoFundMe project to raise money for our class Gardens. Ask your students their opinions on school food!
  • read 20 min every night at home.



Monday~ create tables to graph equations

Tuesday- Friday~ determine slope using graphs, equations, and tables


In Algebra we are working on simplifying radical expressions. By the end of the week we will be reviewing for the semester exams.

In 8th grade math we are graphing linear functions and finding the slope of lines using points and tables.


Graphing linear equations, finding slope and what it represents, comparing and contrasting parallel and perpendicular lines.

For math tests and quizzes students should prepare by:

1. Check Skyward. Are all assignments in and passing?

2. Practice tests and quizzes from each section in the book.

3. Review pages at the end of the chapter in the book

4. On-line book has practice tests and quizzes:

mathblue westbend


All students have access to IXL to practice their math skills. Each class has different skill sets and skill levels to be working towards improvement. See link below.

1st Hour: Comparing decimals with a quiz early next week.

3rd Hour: Group project and presentation on different math topics being covered this week. Students were given a rubric and groups on Monday.

9th Hour: Working on rounding decimals with a quiz scheduled for Thursday.


Mr.Dziatkiewicz -are going to be doing labs on resistors, and then we will be learning about ohm’s law.


are going to be making crazy compound machine inventions (pictures and descriptions) and do a simple machines lab.

Mrs. Miller's: presentations of their aircraft projects.

Social Studies- U.S. History

Mrs. Miller: We will be working on 6-4. The students will be working on a time line activity and Declaration of Independence Detective Activity. On Thursday and Friday the students will take part in the Galileo Testing.

Mrs. Paulson:

Students will be working on a Google classroom assignment for 6-4 that is due Wednesday. We will be learning about the Declaration of Independence as well as Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Students will be Galileo testing on Thursday the 7th.

Mr. Granzow:

Mr. Christopherson

Study guides- Your child will know if they take the RM, M or regular test.

Modified (M)

Extra Modified (RM)

The regular study guide can be found in the students canvas account.