Sarah Sells Sushi

America's Favorite Sushi Bar

What It's All About

Sarah Sells Sushi is an All-American sushi bar. We hire only the best sushi chefs from Japan and all our sushi is fresh, filling and delicious! All our staff are welcoming and very friendly! Come in anytime for a meal!

Favorites on the Menu

  • Yellow Tail Scallion Roll
  • Warm Miso Soup
  • Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll
  • Mandarin Asian Chicken Salad
  • Carrots, Cucumber and Crab Roll
  • Japanese Shirley Temple



76th Street, NYC
25128 Sunny Boulevard, Los Angles, CA
912 Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah
38 Snowfall Valley, Denver, Colorado

Lina Imberton

Lina Imberton first started the Sarah Sells business after her eight year old daughter Sarah died. When Sarah was alive, she had requested that Lina open a shop devoted to soup, after Sarah suffered Leukemia, Lina opened Sarah Sells Soup in honor of Sarah Paige Imberton. Sarah Sells has many shops opened such as Sarah Sells... Shakes, Sushi, Sandwiches, Sweets and much more.

About Sarah

Sarah Paige Imberton was a lovely, sweet and caring little girl. She had loved playing with dolls, ballet class and playing with her friends. When Sarah was diagnosed with Cancer, she was so brave. Even though she isn't with us, she is forever in our hearts.