Medieval Europe Families/Education



Marriages in Medieval Europe don't have anything to do love or romance. They were arranged by their parents. Their parents tried to get their children to marry someone with a high status. Marriages affected the family, the economy, and inheritance.


Children were shaped out by the environment that their parents create. The father would leave behind possessions to their son or daughters husband. For their for first born they would always prefer to have a son.


Divorce was very rare. They were only permitted by breaking the three laws that were made by the church. Which are age, consent, consanguinity.


Women were the greatest supporters of the household. As a housewife, their first job was to go shopping for food. Other jobs consisted of making the beds, cleaning, cooking and care for their garden.



Education was not done by everyone in Medieval Europe. Education was an important part of Medieval Europe until it started to create a stronger image with its success. The basic education which was taught for elites was the seven Liberal Arts.


Math was important during the Medieval Europe, not only was it a subject 'Arithmetic', but also made deep connections with other subjects like geometry and astronomy. Remembering every word the teacher spoke, the memory capacity of each student was strong. With the Stylus students would carve his writings on a wax tablet.