Mrs. Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Monday: Original Art Work Order forms sent home

Friday: Original Art Work Order forms due / End of 2nd Six Weeks

*November 10th the students will be performing Star-Spangled. Mrs. Rowe's class needs to wear a red collared shirt and Mrs. Dunn's class needs to wear a blue (like the flag) collared shirt. Students will need to bring them to school that day for dress rehearsal.


We will review on Monday and take our Unit 2B test on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will do our test analysis. We will begin our next Unit over Informational Text on Thursday.

We will not have a spelling test this week due to Unit testing. A new Vocabulary list will go home on Monday, however.


We will begin dividing decimals. Students will learn how to solve for quotients using objects, pictorial models, and the algorithm. We will also continue simplifying expressions using order of operations. The Envision topic for this week is topic 6.

Students will take Unit #4 content and vocabulary on Monday the 9th.


We will finish up light energy this week. Students will complete a lab over reflection and refraction on Tuesday. We will review both unit #3: Force and Motion and Unit #4: Forms of Energy on Wednesday and then take Unit #3 and Unit #4 test on Thursday. Students need to be studying both units and vocabulary.

Social Studies

We will begin learning about the Declaration of Independence. We are in Week #7 in Social Studies