Room 1 Updates

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Hello there!

As you all know Term 1 was a bit disruptive for me with my accident. Thank you for all the beautiful cards and well wishes - it meant a lot to me! I am now back on my feet (quite literally) and ready for a fun Term 2!

This term we are learning to:


We have 3 math groups - the Verticals, Horizontals and the Diagonals. These are based on the level where your child has been tested to work best at the moment. During our daily rotations we focus on specific work for each group.

As a class we will look at how to tell the time and how much different things weigh.

If your child is:

We will be working on addition and subtraction to 20.
We have started introducing skip-counting that will help us with mulitiplication. Please note we have not yet started with multiplication so please do not encourage your child to focus on this in detail just yet.