The Ancient Pyramids

Learn about the ancient pyramids right here !!!

The beauty of Pyramids

Pyramids are one of the most amazing structures of art I've ever seen. If you want to see the Pyramids, they are in Egypt a beautiful area full of sun. Pyramids are basically 3 dimensional triangles that are built for bricks.

Guarenteed to be exciting and much fun !

Tough time to build or not ?

Pyramids were extremely hard to construct for the Egyptians. They took twenty three long years to build each one. That's not even the bad part yet. Each group that had to build was twenty thousand peasants each. Each block on the pyramids weighed over 2 tons!

Any Reasons ?

Pyramids were primarily built to keep the Pharohs of Egypt in a good place after they die. The reason for this is because Pharohs were royalty. They had different treatment than other Egyptians. Pharohs were put into these pyramids with gold and charms to be given in their afterlife.
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