Ancient Greece and Roman Sports

By:Sean Fansler

Ancient Greece Sports Facts

1. In Greece, sports were one of the first ever to be invented everyone around the world want to go see the games.

2. One of the most famous sports in Greece was the javelin throwing.

3. The sports were made for Zeus the greek god of all gods in Greece to show respect to him and some of the other gods.

4. When the sports first came around the winners were crowned with Zeus's olive tree branches.

5. The first Olympic arena was made in 525 BCE. The arena was made of cement and concrete.

Ancient Rome Sports Facts

1. The first Roman sports arena was built in 675 BC they had to have 127,000 men work on the arena.

2. The throwing disk was a very hard sport because the disk was very heavy.

3. In Rome to get into the games was free but with the gladiators there was a fee to get in the arena.

4. The gladiator sport was very risky because they were putting their life in danger because the game was about killing each other or kill to first blood.

5. Chariot races in Rome were very popular 385,000 people would attend the race.

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