All About Devani Thomas

All About Me

Ten Things About Me

1. I like to play volleyball

2. I love to go to the beach

3. My favorite food is Mexican

4. I like to watch basketball

5. I like to go to football games

6. My favorite color is purple

7. My favorite movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame

8. I am an only child

9. I have a chihuahua named Missy

10. I am from San Diego, California

My Most Embarrassing Moment

When I was at home with a friend one day, we decided to go out outside and get some fresh air. As were were walking down the stairs, I missed a step and rolled like a ball down the rest of the stairs. My friend started laughing as she helped me up and then I started laughing with her. When we turned around there was an older man coming down the hall looking confused. Then we started laughing even harder because we knew that he seen me fall.

Some Pictures To Share

Some Strange Questions I am Asked

Weird Questions

1. Why do you suddenly become silent in a conversation?

2. Why are you so mean to people?

3. Can you see without your glasses?

Personal Information

IG: @luckycharmstho

SC: devanilenise