Megan's Stella & Dot : Dot Dollars!

Dot Dollars & new line!

It's my favorite time of year!

LOVE our new fall preview items! Plus, I love a good DEAL! These new pieces are BEAUTIFUL, PLUS you earn $25 in Dot Dollars for every $50 you spend! Dot Dollars only come around twice per year- trust me, you don't want to miss them! Plus, we have new items posted to the sale section of our website. Popular pieces will sell out quickly. Happy shopping!

My top 3 from the fall preview (so hard to choose!)

Here's the full new preview that's live now!

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Dot Dollar FAQ

For every $50 you spend between now and June 15, you get $25 (off $50) to spend between June 25-July 2.

Note- you can EARN Dot Dollars on everything! Gift cards, Fall preview items, etc. However- you cannot REDEEM Dot Dollars on gift cards or on fall preview items. (You can however still pay with a gift card).

Seriously, it's free money! Who doesn't want a fashion pick me up for less?!

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Want to save even more?

These beauties are 1/2 off when you spend $50 or before June 24. Yes- you can combine them with sale items! Yes- you still earn Dot Dollars. It's awesome!!! Shop here:
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Lastly, if you've ever thought this could be a fun job for you, please let me know- I'd love to have you join my team! I'm also always looking for referrals (and like to give sparkly thank you gifts!) if you know anyone you may be interested.

This month, Stella & Dot will give you your starter kit money back when you hit your Quickstart bonus (oh so doable!). If you've ever thought about it, now is the time!

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