Ashley Aguilar

Important People

There are three kinds of people I would rely on. One of them is a teacher called Mr. Adrian because after I graduated from 5th grade I realized he was the best teacher out of all my years in Beswick Elementary School. He made a letter for my mom's situation and he was the only one who did. She likes him because when my older brother was in elementary he had him and she said he teached well which means he is strict. Speaking of my mom she is another person i can also count on. My mom is someone I can look up to because she is an independent women who raised two kids on her own without asking the government for money. I am grateful because of her my brother and I have a roof to sleep under and food with water. I have many friends, but out of all of them I can mostly trust my friend Lupita without hurting the others and making them think I like her more than them. Lupita is just someone who can keep my secrets or thoughts. She is not someone who is likely to tell other people what I tell her.


There are three types of goals I want to achieve. For my academic goal I want to be organized because it leads me to success by not loosing anything relevant. When I get to high school I would be glad to enter the la cross team, but need to control my asthma. I not only have school related goals, but personal oness as well. Going to college and the university without any distractions. For instance, boys.
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Avoiding Obstacles

In order for me to succeed in school is by not letting obstacles get in my way. I have to be healthy because then I get sick which causes me to get my asthma. This prevents me from going to school even though sometimes I feel awful, but still go to school because I dont get butt hurt like some girls who act all weak. I also have to deal with family obstacles and financial ones. My brother works so he bought himself a playstation 4 and plays it with the volume up which doesn't allow me to concentrate on my homework and sometimes leads me to go in the bathroom where it is quiet.m I wwould do anythinng just to focus an get it done. My family is not rich because my dad is with his other family and my mom maintains me by herself so she can't afford paying for my college. In order to pay for my college I'm going to have to find a job to earn the money myself and not put it all on my mom.
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Personal Plans

Attitude/Motivation Plan: Positive attitude because that brings everyone up and teachers don't like negativity.

Education/Training Plan: I plan on graduating high school with my career in mind so I can go off to college and study for it. After I'd also like to get a scholarship for colleges to call me saying they want me in their school. For instance, my brother's ex girlfrien was so smart multiple collges insisted she go withh them.

Plan For Aquiring Needed Skills: I will go out into the world looking for the best.

Plan For Study And Practice: When I have tests in college I will do anything to memorize. I can make handmade flashcard or go on Quizlet. Now that I'm taking Avid I know I can write notes on cornel notes.

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