Summer Reading Success

Join me and your friends and spend time learning together!

What are your plans for the summer holiday?

I know all of us have vacation plans and plans to just do nothing but go to the pool or hangout with friends. Sleeping late is a thrill of its own for Woodward Academy students and parents! Have you made plans for how to get ready for a new experience at the middle school? Are you planning to do your summer reading alone? Would you rather spend time with a great group and read and learn together?

Make Your Plans NOW!

We plan to meet in the morning on July 29, 30 and 31 in Room 221! Think comfy chairs and great conversations! The brochure and sign up procedures are linked here.
We will cover the selected novels for the EP or Enhanced Prep classes.

Check out the novels to explore!

Mrs. Debbie Stephens

I teach sixth grade reading here at Woodward North. I love to read middle school novels!