All About Me

Interesting Facts!!!!

All About Me

The first fact that I think Is kind of interesting about me is that I love animals. I own 2 pit pulls, 2 tea-cup chiwawas and a cat, the little animals are family dogs but the little white pit bull is my personal dog. He is mine and only mine :) When I get older I plan on making my living on animal rescuing, I mostly want to rescue pit bulls tho. I am into art and love drawing, I love any kind of art, from sketching to painting.

My Animals

I love animals to death, I had my first dog at the age of 4, he was a mix breed with some kind of terrier, we never knew what all he was mixed with. His name was spots, I love animals because I like to always have somebody by my side. The dog that I have right now is almost 8 weeks old, I named him Halo because he was born dead, that is the reason why I picked him out of everybody. I saved his life, he was the first dog I saved and im proud of it!!!!!!! :D

What Do I Want My Future To Be

I think all the time on what I am going to be, or what are my hobbies going to be, but my number one future is my animals. Me and a lot of my friends dream of being pit bull rescuers, we all respect pit bulls and think that they deserve a good home. I feel like I can accomplish this because there are a lot of pit bulls that are mistreated and I can give them a good home.

Art!!!!!!! :D

I looooove drawing, or sketching or painting...... Just about anything that is artistic. Drawing has always been a time passer for me, if I am waiting to get a tern on the tv or if im board in class I pull out some paper and start to draw. I've been drawing my entire life and I have gotten really good, I have gotten so good at it that my mom and dad are going to get me a tattoo gun so that I can finish some of their tattoos. They are going to let me practice on animals that we have hunted (like deer) and when I got it down I will go to collage for tattooing then I will be a professional tattoo artist!!!! I am very excited to get my tattoo gun and cant wait (^.^)


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Career Aptitude

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Learning Style

My learning style Is visual, that means I am the type of person that is "see to believe", I learn things easer, quicker, and better when I see what is happening.
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Personality Type

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dominance brain

You are right-brained.















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personality color


You belong to the black color family! The color psychology quiz tells us that you subconsciously most relate to black, and that is quite unique. Black represents power, individuality, simplicity, mystery and an intense spirituality. You need to be in control at all times and you go to great lengths to cover up your insecurities. You have a powerful presence and you tend to be a natural leader. You have a strong intellect, incredible self discipline and at times a bit of a critical outlook on the world. You always stick to your guns, and when you know you're right.... well, you're right, and there's just no stopping you! Your drive will take you far.
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