Sky Zone Trampoline Park

By: Jake Boudreau

Sky Zone Logo

As far as logos. slogans and symbols are concerned the picture I have above is really all that they have. However, I find that this is quite effective. The picture has a grid looking thing behind the letters which represent what the trampolines look like in the park. It also has the company named. This works very well because it gives the viewers some knowledge about the company while also looking presentable and attractive.

Products and Services

Sky Zone's main product is athletic wear. The company sells shorts and tee shirts at their parks for people to buy and use while bouncing. They also sell socks with grippy bumps on the bottom that are mandatory to wear. This is a great idea because it is an easy way to get an extra 3 dollars from every new customer. As far as services are concerned they only really sell the ability to play on the park for hourly intervals.

Target Market

The target market of Sky Zone is really for anyone who is energetic that likes to have fun. However, the main part of their business will becoming from kids 3-18 years old. Some older people may want to go but the target for a trampoline park would be of the younger ages.


The indoor trampoline park industry is dominated by two companies. Sky Zone and Aerosports. These two companies are the only real options if you are looking to experience jumping. Therefore Aerosports would be the only competition. The two companies work the exact same with the only real difference being the colour of socks they sell

Promotions and Endorsements

The main promotion that Sky Zone has is a big dodge ball tournament. This tournament is very large, competitive, and a big advertisement for the Sky Zone Brand. They have no big endorsements with famous people like Bauer has with Ovechkin or Lebron has with Nike but they still manage to sell their brand effectively.
Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Positioning Details

Determine the current positioning the brand is trying to achieve

Sky Zone is trying to be at the top of the trampoline park industry. Because these parks are relatively new to the entertainment scene I would say that Sky Zone is still at the stage of finding the important attributes for the brand along with getting ratings of what people think of these attributes. These two things will help the brand get to and elite level.

Head to Head or differentiation

Value Proposition

The value proposition of Sky Zone is the same for less. Aero sports and Sky Zone offer all the same features, (basketball, dodge ball, foam pit etc.) but Sky Zone has cheaper price. This is a good strategy because people will favour Sky Zone as it has the same quality as it's competition but the target will save money.

How is Sky Zone gaining an advantage through positioning?

Sky Zone uses Image differentiation to gain a competitive advantage. Sky Zone was the first trampoline park brand to come on to the scene so it is the most well known and talked about. It also has the bright orange details that helps the audience recognize it well. It also has people differentiation as every time I have been there it has been a very friendly and enjoyable experience.

Positioning Errors

A positioning error that Sky zone has is that it leaves people and customers kind of confused. The product and the idea of the trampoline park is obvious but as far as where people think the brand stands it isn't really quite set in stone. Sky Zone needs to reposition to fix this problem in order to be more successful.

Perceptual Map

I’ve plotted 5 of Sky Zones competitors on a perceptual map comparing age and price of the brands. There is only one direct competitor being Aero sports as it is another trampoline park but the other 3 places are also areas within the city where you would go to have fun making them a competitor as well. Firstly I placed Sky Zone towards the cheaper end of the spectrum as it is only $14 to bounce for an hour and I have it around the middle of the age range because nobody to young or too old will be there. Next I have Aero Sports where I found it is a bit more of a mature version of Sky Zone making it a bit more expensive. Then I have Glozone. Glozone is generally for younger people as the whole setup of the place revolves around kids. It is also the cheapest spot for entertainment as the games inside can be played for cheap or free. Next I have a bowling aisle which I put right in the middle of the age range because anybody can really bowl as there are balls and shoes to accommodate everyone. It is also a bit over average for the price of bowling as you need shoes and all the accessories. Finally I have paintball where the age range is a bit above average and the price is very expensive. There won’t be any super little kids here but the paint and the guns are quite pricey.

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