Do You Know Everything About Brasilia,Brazil?

Food In Brasilia.

Does Brazil Have Different Food Than Others?

~Brazilians Like To Stay On Diets.

~They Like To Eat Lots Of Fruit And Veggies.

~Lots Of Their Food Depends On Where They Live. (Some Fruit And Other)

~Brazilians Eats Lots Lots Of Different Foods.

Now Learning About Language In Brasilia.

Language In Brasilia

Does Brazil Have The Same Language As Us?

~Some People In Brazil Speak Our Language Yet Some Don't.

~Some People That Are In Brazil Have An Accent That They Were Born With.

~Their Main Language Is Portuguese.

~They Have Lots Of Languages Such As:

English, Portuguese, Also Some Of The Languages Have Accents

Now About Brasilia's Culture,History And Arts.

Culture,History And Arts In Brasilia,Brazil.

They Have Lots Of Culture,History And Art.

~Their History Spreaded With Everyone.

~Their Music Blends With The European,African Music.

~In 1542 The 1st Europeans Discovered The Amazon River.

~There Arts Have Lots Of Details When Making Them.

Tourism In Brasilia,Brazil

Brasalia Is Known For People Coming On Tour!

~Brasilia Gets Lots Of Money When Other People Come To Tour.

~There Are Lots Of Activites To Do While In Brasilia, Watch A Show, Visit Famous Statues, Etc.

~Airplanes That Go To Brasilia Are Always Packed.

~In Brasilia Lots Of People Take The Bus...Not Cars.

So Tour Brasilia! You Will Be Entertained And Busy.

Landmarks And Historical Sights

When Going To Brasilia , Brazil There Are Going To Be Lots Of Interesting Places To See!

~Brasilia Is Brazil's Capital And Largest City.

~There Are Very Little Ingidenous Inhabitants.

~Brazil's History Is Very Unique.

~Brazil Was One Of The First Places To Become A Country.

Climate And Weather.

Does Brasilia Have Lots Of Different Weather?

~Their Climate Is Mostly Comfortable Throughout The Year.

~Brasilia Is Never Really Hot Like Other Cities In Brazil.

~There is Barely Any Rain.