All About Me

By: Alexander Muraski

The Branch Of Science

I believe that computer engineering belongs under the physical branch because it doesn't seem to go under earth and life. Also I believe that science is full of technology and engineering it's hands on which involves physics.

My Education Path

My education path is fairly simple. The classes I should take in high school is computer programming, advanced computer programming and technical writhing. Computer engineer design and plan programs on the computer. I will need a bleachers degree (4 years of college) to apply for the job. I should take classes on the computer engineering and civil engineering.


I will be attending the University Of Wisconsin Madison. The reason I liked this school was mostly for the location. It's located in state but yet far enough away from home. It's located in the middle of Madison (urban). I am going for my bachelors degree at the university of Madison. There is around 39,000 students there. I like that there will be alot of people there so I don't feel lonely or empty.

What I Need To Get In

My GPA needs to be 3.69 or higher and my SAT writing is 600-699, math is 600-699 and reading is 600-699. My act should be around 24-29.

About My Job Remember to fix

I would usually work for around 40 hours a week. I would probably work at the university or other businesses around the state. I will be expected to work overtime for rushed deadlines.

Where Am I Going To Work?

There are 8 employers in Wisconsin and 5 of them are at Madison where my college is. I see this job being great especially with all of the employers near by unlike the nation where everything is far away.


I believe that I will get paid a fair amount. The state price range is $60,000-$134,000. The nation price range is $61,000-$147,000.


I see that one of the most interesting employers that I would want to be hired from is ORBITEC. It is in Madison 121 Fourier Drive.


I could see this being a career that I could be doing. I love that there is alot of in state employers and that it can be an easy job to get. One of the cons is that you need to be smart with math and the you're expected to work overtime. I see this being a great job for me!!!


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