By: Victoria Elder

Setting : A Classroom

Summary: A student is from a single parent family. The student must work to attend college. However, the job is interfering with the student's performance and several assignments have not been turned in. You have determined that a "D" is all the student can make when a counselor informs you that the student need a "C" to qualify for an academic scholarship.

Decision Making Process

  1. What is the ethical dilemna?
  • The student needs to pull up her grade to qualify for an academic scholarship.

2. What are the facts of the situation?

  • The student has a "D"
  • The student need a "C" to qualify for an acdemic scholarship.
3. What are the alternatives and consequences?

  • The student could have worked harder to get all her work in
  • The student shouldn"t have gotten a job
  • The student may have to quit her job
  • The student may not be able to qualify for the acadmic scholarship.

4. Determine a course of action.

  • I would give the student all her missing assignments so she can get the done
5. Evaluate your decision

  • To help the student get in all her missing assignments.