El Potrillo/Alejandro Fernandez

by. Bret Burleson

Early Life

Alejandro was born in April of 1971. His first show was in 1976 at the age of 5 ,where he got on stage and forgot the lyrics. His dad jumped up on the stage and helped him the rest of the way. His father, Vicente Fernandez, was a ranchera singer. His mom was a homemaker that spent much of her time tending to Alejandro.


Alejandro has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. He isn't a "one hit wonder" One of his songs is listed below.

Marriage Life & Kids

Alejandro is not married to anyone right now, he has been divorced twice. Each marriage lasting close to 6 years.Alejandro has five children. Three (Alejandro, Jr. and the twin girls América and Camila) with his ex-wife América Guinart and two (Emiliano and Valentina) with Colombian model Ximena Díaz (pictured).

"Romanticism is something that will never die". ~Alejandro Fernandez

Recent Music

Recently Alejandro has done many shows and came out with a lot of new music. He is very popular is Mexico. He has sang with A few American singers like Christina Aguilera. In 2013 he released "confidencias". He has 6 live albums and 15 studio albums.

Personal Facts

In the 1990s his older brother was kidnapped by a band of organized crime. They cut off one of his fingers and sent it to his father as a warning.