The Battle of Ypres

By: Tori

There were so many battles in World War 1. There was one very interesting one though, it was the Battle of Ypres.

The Battle began when a German commander Erich Von Falkenhayn, launched an attack to capture the Channel ports in Belgium. The Battle of Ypres started on October 19th, 1914. The Battle of Ypres was a big deal because if you controlled Ypres, you controlled the English Channel.

Between April 22nd-May 25th, 1915 the Germans used poisonous chlorine gas which was heavier than air which flowed into Allied trenches. Luckily most of the soldiers had, and used gas masks. After a while using the gas wasn't effective for either side so the Germans ended it. 60,000 Allied soldiers died and 35,000 Germans died from the use of the gas.

A normal day for a soldier in the Battle of Ypres, would start with stand-to. Once they're done with stand-to they'd have inspections and after that would be breakfast. Next they'd do all of their chores. Chores included: filling sand bags, or repairing duckboards. In between their work shifts, soldiers read, kept journals, wrote letters or gambled. They would have a small snack as dinner. At night they'd go on raids or go into no-mans land. (Or of course they could sleep too, after that hard day of work, if they could.)

The Battle of Ypres was a very tragic event in history and many poor soldiers died.