About Me


My name is Nicholas, and I was born in a fantastic town called "Oconomowoc, Wisconsin"... Good luck trying to spell that without a map... I am currently a Freshman at Scottsburg High School.

My Interests

Honestly, I am a giant nerd/geek. Either name applies to me.

I am an avid fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, and know more about his work than the average person. Along with that, I enjoy to read and write whenever I can, and I am insanely good with computers. To the extent that I actually freelance in my off time, and have something that can be considered as a very small business.


Apart from being at home, and doing the regular stuff at school. I am currently in football conditioning, and will be playing (hopefully!) my first year of football ever my Sophomore year as an Offensive Lineman. Or, in layman terms, I get to tackle people!