Archie R. Cole Middle School

Upcoming Week Notes - March 23-27, 2015

This Week at Cole

Monday, 3/23

Tuesday, 3/24

8:05-9:30 PARCC Mathematics Unit II -

Grades 6, 7, 8, -Unit Testing Time - 80 minutes

Alg. I - 90 minutes

Wednesday, 3/25

8:05-9:05 PARCC Mathematics Unit II

Grades 6, 7, 8 - Unit Testing Time - 70 minutes

Algebra I - 75 minutes

8:10 - No SST this week due to PARCC Testing

7:00pm - Spring Fling

Thursday, 3/26

8:05-9:25 - PARCC ELA Unit I (Literary Analysis) - 75 minutes

9:00 - No RtI due to PARCC testing

Friday, 3/37

6:30-9:00 - FunFest

Some Thoughts...

  • It's all about the PARCC this week...
  • Thanks Rosie, Caroline, and now Renee for the PARCC Planning and to Elaine for the schedule. Great job, Dan on all the behind the scenes tech. set-up. Many thanks to everyone for being flexible and supportive of our planning work.
  • Feedback from other schools in and out of the district has been mostly positive regarding administration of the PARCC. There are always things to work on after an initial administration. Things should go rather smoothly for us - no need for anyone to be stressed about the PARCC.
  • RIDE will be visiting on Wednesday to observe our test administration
  • Remember to note (on the board) the start and stop time for each unit
  • Regarding calculator use on the Math units... Unit I has both calculator and non-calculator sections ( it is noted in the test booklet). Unit II - calculator is allowed.
  • Here is the link to the Testing Administrators Manual - It is large and you do not need to read through the manual (you will get a hard copy) but thought some may wish to see it.
  • Cole PARCC Security Plan at this link. Located in the Cole Shared Folder
  • Let your voice be heard – share what you think is important to #RI education at
  • FunFest Friday Night... Anyone that wants to spend their evening with Dan, me, and the kids is welcomed and appreciated it. Let us know if you can help.

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