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Botswana is in Africa near South Africa and Zimbabwe with a size of 581,730 square kilometers. They get little rainfall, in winter it is hot and dry, in summer it is burning hot. The average temperature is 57 degrees Fahrenheit the winter, in the summer it is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Botswana's natural resources are diamonds, copper, nickel, salt, soda ash, potash, coal, iron ore, and silver. The capitol is Gaborone and other cities are Maun and Francistown. The major rivers are the Boteti, Zambezi, and the Okavango Delta (which is 6,000-15,000 km² depending on the water level. The Okavango runs into their biggest desert which is the Kalahari Desert which is 12 million acres. They have a desertification problem, that is effecting their farms and causing hunger. They only have little grass left.


1885-Britain settles in and makes the government of "Bechuanaland" (the old name)

1965-Gaborone becomes their Capitol

1966-They got independence from Great Britain and became Botswana with Seretse Khama as their president

1967-Diamonds are found at Orapa

1980-Seretse Khama dies and Quett Masire(vice president) takes Khama's place as president after the National Assembly vote.


Botswana's main ethnic groups are Tswana (79% or Setswana) and Kalanga (11%). Most of Botswana is Christian (72%) and people with no religion (20%). They speak a lot of different languages, but Setswana is the most with 78%. Their official language is English with 2%, but not many people speak it. They celebrate Christmas(Christian holiday), Seretse Khama Day (to honor him for Botswana's independence), and Easter weekend (Christian holiday).

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National Anthem

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Botswana is a parliamentary republic, this happened after they got their independence from Britain. They have Quett Masire as their president now, but they used to have Seretse Khama who led them to freedom. They have many different political parties, bit the main ones are the Botswana Alliance Movement (BAM) and Botswana Congress Party (BCP).


People in Botswana make money by farming and raising cattle. The government struggles with the high unemployment and poverty rate. Botswana values in diamonds and minerals and that is one of it's big industries. They export mostly beef and diamonds to a lot of European countries. They are very rich in diamonds and that is why they are one of the wealthy countries in the world. They import fuel, food, machines, and other goods.

Top 5 Places to VIsit

  1. Chobe National Park
  2. Okavango Delta
  3. Tsodilo Hills
  4. Nxai Pan National Park
  5. Tuli Block