Modern Texas Smore

By: Gage Bogdos

The US ready up for WWI

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The US soldiers take cover in trenches

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Edward House

Powerful in Texas politics before he became part of President Woodrow Wilson's administration.

President Woodrow Wilson

President at the time and made many important calls to effect the result of the war.

What countries participated in WWI?

Allies Side: Britain, France, Russia, and the United States.

Central Powers/ Enemy's: Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, and Germany.

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1. What caused the US. to enter WWI? Answer: Because Germany's decision to resume unrestricted submarine warfare. Also the "Zimmerman Telegram".

2. How did Texas play a important role during the war? Answer: They played a important role by, being the state that was being targeted by Germany to be returned to Mexico. Also the trained soldiers from Texas was given control of the US during the war.

3. Germany finally surrendered on November 11, 1918, and all nations had agreed to stop fighting while the terms of peace were discussed.

The Great Depression (PART 2)

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This picture shows a women that is in the Great Depression and has no job and is homeless

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Two men looking for a good job in the Great Depression

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover took office as president in 1929 during the great depression. He blamed international economic problems and questionable business practices for the Great Depression. Hoover stated his views on how to address the Depression, "The local communities through their voluntary agencies have assumed the duty of relieving individual distress and are being generously supported by the public." (A PORTION FROM THE SPEECH)

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How did FDR, (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) pull the country out of depression? Answer: He pulled the country out by establishing the "New Deal". It is a series of domestic programs aimed to fix problems brought by the Great Depression.

What caused the Dust Bowl and how did it affect farmers in Texas? Answer: Hi wheat prices let farmers to plant more crops. Over planting of the wheat contributed to a natural disaster. Drought began to happen and strong winds caused a dust storm killing livestock and giving people lung problems.

Which New Deal programs were important to Texas? Answer: The programs were a relief for the poor, jobs for the unemployed, recovery for the economy, and economic reforms to prevent another Depression. (Helped reform the US economy)

How were tenant farmers and miners affected by the Great Depression? Answer: Farmers had to cut down how much they grow to make the price rise. Therefore their land got taken away by other bigger farmers/growers and were also in major dept. Farmers also got effected by the dust storms formed by the Dust Bowl. The miners got effected because oil was boomed and went for a lower price then coal did.


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Nazi/German Soliders

Preparing for WWII
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Mustard Gas

Used in WWII by the Nazi/enemy side. Burns and blisters body parts.
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Adolf Hitler

Leader of the Nazi Party
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Franklin D. Roosevelt

President for most of the War

Countries that praticpated in WWII

Axis Powers- Germany, Italy and Japan.

Allies- Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China, and the United States.

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How did Texas contribute to the nations military effort in fighting in World WWII?

Answer: Texas trained many soldiers for the war approximately 750,000 men were served in the nations armed forces from Texas. Women also served in the war, approximately 12,000

How did life change for Texans on the home front during World WWII?: Answer: Men and Women trained at home for the war and Texans worked very hard to support the War.

How did WWII end?: Answer: The war ended when the USA dropped the Atomic bomb on Japan.