The Destruction Of Nepal 2015

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The Start Of A Never Ending Story

On Sunday 25th April 2015 (9:23am),

The Richter Scale picked up a high magnitude earthquake of 7.8, it shock Barpak Nepal, a mountain village between Kathmandu and tourist town Pokhara. There where many powerful after shocks including a 6.7 and 7.3, the earthquake and aftershocks were so big that people felt it in Pakistan, India and Banladesh.


In 1935, a device was made that could measure the magnitude of earthquakes. The Nepal earthquake was a 7.8 earthquake. It was caused by certain rock (known as the tectonic plates) under the ground suddenly breaking along the fault lines. The sudden release of energy race's towards the surface causing the ground to shake.
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During this tragedy many things where destroyed including people's homes, work places, schools and life.

Losing so much in such little time, took a toll on everyone, being separated from one another, seeing your families bodies wedged between gravel and broken metal structure's can make your heart collapse faster then the buildings every did.

Report Of Surivors

Yalda Hakim reports on Nepal's devastating earthquake - Newsnight


The Death Toll,

the death was extremely high 8,413 people were killed and 17,576 where struggling to hold onto the little bit of role they had left.

They Need Help