Room 113 News April 28th

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Upcoming Dates and News

A moment of your time....your second grader needs to know your age and the ages of other family members for a math project. Today, your child made a table to record this information and will be asking you this weekend.

May 31st - 2nd grade potluck and silent art auction. Please mark your calendars. All 2nd grade parents and families are invited to our celebration potluck and silent auction. More details to come. Monica Watkins and Heidi Tilly are organizing the the potluck and will be in touch with you soon.

Please be informed that Monday, May 1, 2017 is NOT a holiday for students and teachers. School is in session. It will be an ‘E’ day.

Friday May 5 is Coronation Day. It is a school holiday. Classes resume on Monday May 8. It will be a ‘C’ day.

The ISB ES Book Celebration and Dress up Days are back!

What: Students may dress up as a book character who demonstrates one or more of our ISB values: Responsibility, Integrity, Care, Courage, Commitment, Balance, Gratitude, and Respect. Photos will be taken for our student community values display in the HUB

KG, Grade 2, and Grade 4 can dress up on Thursday, May 11.
PK, Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 5 can dress up on Friday, May 12.

From our Counselor, Ms. Thomas

From Before Songkran:

In guidance this week, second graders will be learning the Touching Rule: No one should touch your private body parts except to keep you clean and healthy. By the end of the lesson children will understand this rule, be able to identify the names of their private body parts (in case they ever have to report a touching problem) and understand that it's never a child's fault if someone breaks this rule. They will also learn what to do if someone breaks this rule: 1. Say words that mean "no" 2. Get away 3. Tell a grown up that they trust as soon as they can. They will learn that they should not keep secrets about touching problems, and they will identify adults that they can go to with a big problem such as this. Finally, they will learn that it is never too late to report a touching problem. The children will be told that it is unlikely that this will happen to them, but just in case they will know what to do. Thank you for your support.

From this week:

Today Ms. Thomas came in to teach the fourth and final safety lesson. The focus of today’s safety lesson was about online safety. As kids are increasingly online and playing online games, we need to equip children with the skills they need to stay safe if and when they play online.

Different families have different rules regarding gaming and online usage, so even if your family has strict online rules and your child is not allowed to play certain games, your child may need these skills when they go to a friend’s house to play.

We watched the a BrainPop Jr video about online safety: and we discussed the following rules and guidelines about online safety:

  • We don’t share personal and private information with anyone online. This includes information such as name, age, address, phone number, birthday, what school you go to, and sharing pictures of yourself.
  • We also talked about how we shouldn’t talk or “chat” online with strangers. Some first grade students report playing games that entail a chat function to them, such as Minecraft, or Roblox, so this is an important rule for children who play these games.
  • If a stranger tries to talk to a student or makes a student uncomfortable, they should follow the safety steps we learned about in our last lesson, and tell an adult immediately.

Your child will come home with a list of “Computer Safety Rules.” Please read through these rules with them and have your child “teach” the rules to you. When finished, please sign the bottom as a promise to each other that you will follow the rules with each other.


Our class has been working collaboratively to produce plays based on popular fairy tales. Students have incorporated a variety of reading skills and group work skills to successfully produce entertaining plays using the app Puppet Pals. We will continue with this focus for another week and then start an immersion and study of poetry. Students will learn about how poets/readers read poetry and how authors use literary devices and word play to convey meaning.


Students have been working in small groups writing within genres of their choice. We have published our first books. Students wrote mysteries, graphic novels(short stories), reviews, and nonfiction books. We are now starting to plan our second books. Our class is focusing on the planning component of the writing process. The class expressed the most interest in nonfiction books and graphic novels, so students will be writing one of the two. Ask your child what his/her book is about and have a conversation about the story or the facts they will use. Next, students will write poetry. We will study a variety of mentor texts and try different strategies and techniques in our own poems.


Next week, our class will start a unit of study called "Ages and Timelines" The focus of this unit of study is to use timelines as a tool to conceptualize large numbers and calculate the differences and sums of years. We will be using the ages of your family to start off with and will then move into historical events students are curious about. Number lines are a valuable model students have used this year to help create mental images of computation and a sense of magnitude.

Social Studies

Our class wrapped up our study of safety. We had several visitors: Mark Hevland, ISB's safety director, and Corry Day, ISB's aquatics director. Both guests explained their roles at our school and gave practical tips for safety in a variety of contexts.

This week, our class started our study of Sharing the Planet. In this unit of study, students have chosen an endangered animal native to SE Asia to study. Each afternoon for the next 7 days, students regroup based on their animals and learn about the animals' needs, habitats, threats, and actions humans can do to prevent their extinction. After students gather the needed information, they will decide how they want to present their findings to others. They will unveil their projects on May 31st before the 2nd grade potluck. 2nd graders will also be using time in art and time in class to create a variety of art work that will be sold at the 2nd grade silent art auction the same day. The funds we raise will be donated to the Love Wildlife Foundation to help Thailand's population of Slow Loris.