The Rainforest

By - Adilin, Santino, Alex, and Isaiah

The Climate

The Rainforest's climate is hot, warm, moist, wet, tropical, mild, soaked, and misty.
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The Food Chain

As you can see above the producers are flower ,nuts,seeds,and fruit. These producer give energy to the primary consumers (herbivores) which are the Pika, red-breasted nuthatch, pacific tree frog, Edith's Checkerspot, Douglas's squirrel, and the Mule deer. The primary consumers give energy to the secondary consumers (carnivores) which are the Ringtail, Western Whiptail, Raven, Black tipped jackrabbit, and the Pine marten. Lastly the Tertiary consumers (carnivores). They are coyote, Bobcat, and the Mountain Lion. They eat the primary, and the secondary consumers.You can't see above the very last step, the decomposers, they eat ALL dead organisms, then restore the nutrients back into the soil.


The biotic factors of our rainforest are tucans, scarlets, macaws, jargars, tigers, snakes, parrots, frogs, orangatangs, chameleons, ants, beetles, slothes, crocadiles, pandas, koalas, butterflies, apes, monkeys, anteaters, fish, pythons, anaconda, banana trees, tall trees, nuts, seeds, fruit, flowers, ect.


The abiotic factors of our rain forest are water, rain, sun, air, and soil.
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