Integumentary System

Randy Lee P2

System Functions

This system is the body's largest organ that absorbs nutrients and regulates the body's temperature. It also protects your body's internal tissues and organs. Also this system prevents dehydration when the sweat glands release sweat and the human consumes water. Another major thing this system does is helps dispose of waste.

What are some diseases that happen?

Acne, warts, eczema, psoriasis are some of the conditions that may happen with this system and more serious disease... Cancer!

Contusion sand internal bleeding are symptoms of an internal organ disease.

What treatment is available for this disease and what doctor would be involved?

A dermatologist would be involved with mostly all of the diseases except Cancer, with cancer you would probably go straight to the hospital and let them deal with it, with cancer you would get chemotherapy and they would put you on lots of antibiotics.