DIY Poetry

What poems speak to you?


You will create your own anthology of poetry--you are the editor of this anthology, the person who chooses the poems, writes the introductions, & puts the whole thing together. Your poetry anthology (or collection) will be united by a single theme (such as anger, spring, curiosity, nature, etc.).

Starting Point

  • Think about and decide on a theme that represents your interests and personality
  • Browse poems to find poems that appeal to you and that fit your theme
  • Save the poems (to a Google document, as links, hand-written, etc.)

End Product

  • introduction to your anthology
  • 5-6 poems to represent your chosen theme
  • your written notes for each poem
  • art/illustration/photos

You'll have an anthology (needs to be neat and presentable--can be handmade, on Google Slides or Docs, etc.) to show for your labors by the end of this project!

Click here for an example of one page of an anthology with the poem, poem note, and art using Google Slides.

In your introduction...

Please talk about the theme you chose to work with, and why that theme is central to your life. Your intro should be two hundred words or more (about the size of a typical blog post).

In your poem notes...

You can write about any of the following:

  • what drew you to the particular poem
  • connections to other texts you know
  • a particular line or image from the poem
  • how the poem relates to your chosen theme

Click here to read an example of one way you might approach writing your poem notes.


Click here for acceptable resources.

Grading Criteria

  • quality and development of writing (including introduction and notes)
  • overall visual appeal
  • conventions/publishable condition
  • thoughtfulnees