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What is media saying?

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Media to me is the communication we get from a television, radio, magazines and etc. I think the main goal of the media is to get their point across and you’ll find it very so often that they don’t do something for a reason. Whether it’s to persuade you to think something of someone or to get you to try something you never thought you would like. To me I think being media literate means you can watch or listen to something and have the ability to evaluate what their trying to say to you. Media literate people have the skill of taking information that’s not always the clearest and finding the true meaning of it. Most people nowadays watch and listen to the media so much they don’t stop to listen to what the real underlying message is. People are nonstop consuming the media and after a while it’s going to get hard for the common person to tell what the truth is. We all know what media is and how there are various types of it but do we really understand it? However, the people that do understand have a better understanding of the world because they can’t be easily persuaded. They have the capability to critical think on their toes and soak up information and actually understand it. They have a relationship with media rather than someone that just binge watches and reads gossip teen for fun. I think these type of people are important because as technology grows they’ll always have the upper hand.

What will I do?

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I feel as if a lot of times adults are the ones always telling children not to bully but they are the biggest bullies of them all. My topic continually talked about how Donald Trump has been climbing his way up to the presidency with zero political background whatsoever. Multiple people have tried to tear him down, since he has no experience but to me it’s all about taking chances. I realize no matter how old I am the bullying will never stop, I mean just look at the election it’s happening all the time. After all the research I did I learned a lot and I want to learn to except others and try new things. There is no reason to tear someone down or stay right on top of them and wait for them to fail. For as many mean people there are in this world we should all try to be as encouraging as possible. No matter what it is and whether I agree with it or not I want to start being as supportive as possible. Like how my parents have told me ever since I was little “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” But also just because I’m choosing to be supportive towards others doesn’t mean they’re going to be supportive back to me. So I plan to take a chance and no matter the comments I get people telling me “I can’t do it” it won’t stop me.

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In the commercial “KickStart” by Mountain Dew, nationally known by there great soda drinks, displays a funny commercial to introduce its new drink that’s combined with three new things (dew, juice, and caffeine). Mountain Dew illuminates this idea in peoples minds by combining a puppy, monkey, and a baby and a catchy song in the background while it dances to emphasize what they meant by “three new things combined.” They do this in order to get something catchy yet weird stuck in their minds in hope that it’ll make consumers want to go out and try the new drink. Mountain dew says repeatedly “puppy monkey baby” in a humorous tone to get the idea across to men, women, and children but also to people that “might just chill that night” and deserve a little spice added to there life, implying that they should go out, try the drink, and that will happen for them.

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Personally over the years I’ve actually enjoyed advertising. Its usually creative and humorous. I find it so amazing that such a simple message to the public can encourage them to buy or do something. I see advertising as something great and really brilliant. Although the impact on society can either be negative or positive. It’s a great resource we’ve all come to master and understand. Were advertising really gets tricky is trying to create a message that you can broadcast to the world without offending anyone, and you can’t. The reality is everyone is to sensitive about everything and usually these messages are just lighthearted. Your not always going to agree with someone’s opinion but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to express theirs. Nowadays anything you say or do will be held against you. Literally. So even though I think advertising is great it doesn’t mean I don’t think its also the hardest thing to do without starting some sort of controversy. Also a lot of advertising lately dictates the way things actually happen in life. For example, in a lot of commercials with families in them the dad is set out to be the lazy one and the mom the strong, I know how to do everything type thing. And of course, that’s not always true but these companies use that anyways but also is it really anything to get worked up on? To me theirs to many other bigger problems that need to be fixed in this world. No I’m not just saying that since most commercials make woman look good, but because if it were the other way around I know I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

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smore #5

Hypocrisy is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which owns behavior does not conform. Over the years this problem has gotten bigger in multiple campaign ads. The advertising world is being a hypocrite, what a surprise. There have been numerous times companies have claimed to think one thing but then advertise the other and people are starting to catch on. For example, in the article “Coke Hypocrisy,” by Dr. Harold Goldstein he talks about how recently coke has decided to take the “stand” against the nations obesity but its funny because “Coca-Cola and its beverage industry brethren have the dubious distinction of being the biggest contributors to the nations obesity crisis” (Goldstein). The thing is, is this campaign really hypocritical? Yes, but can you blame them? Its there job to reach out to all groups of people and with one main goal: to get you to but their product, and its not just Coke that’s doing it. It’s all different types of companies and their doing it to get in your head and most of the time it works. People think that these companies really do care about their well being but in the long run there the ones actually contributing to the mess and not actually helping. Their selling the problem, but trying to make it seem like their not. Personally, I don’t think this hypocrisy will stop soon. Its all part of the game.

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Recently a judge in Los Angles ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock an iphone that belongs to one of the terrorists who killed the fourteen people and injured the twenty others in San Bernardino. And the question that’s been buzzing around in the media is whether or not Apple should be allowed to have access to people’s phones to look for terrorists? Now I’ve thought about this for a while and I’m completely torn. Helping the FBI know more information about terrorists is very important but keeping peoples own information private is also important too. There’s been talk on using a technique called “backdoor” but the problem is that it might create a hole in encryption, which could make it vulnerable to not only the government but also cyber-criminals, and hackers (Rosenthal). This could end up being really bad because this could create a gateway for future hackers into our bank accounts, private and corporate information, and etc. But if Apple gives them this access the FBI will have the ability to see who the terrorists are communicating with and even see what there next move is which is all valuable information they could use to save the next peoples set of lives. Although I do believe that there has to be a way the FBI can get around this, their smart people and its hard for me to think that this is the only way to get access to the information they want. So, I guess after all I side with Apple.

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The statement “people who are a serious threat to the government should be able to be held in prison without being charged” is something I strongly agree with. But when I agree with this I’m going off that this human being is an actual serious threat to the united States not just a random Muslim American and they have no reason to be thrown in jail. But if anyone is a threat to the government and the United States, should no doubt about it be held in prison without being charged. The governments job is to protect the people of America and they are highly qualified to be able to tell if someone is a threat or not to us. And when those type of accusations are made its something we all should take seriously. It’s the type of people that say that stuff is “too harsh” and “not fair” that really anger me. Who cares if it’s not fair? If they have given the government a reason to not trust them and have become a threat to us then fairness is thrown out. It does not exist for them. The problem with the United States nowadays is that were all to weak. To stop future problems in America we need to all be as tuff as we can and not let people that are a threat to us walk all over us. Especially if you are not a citizen of the United states I believe you shouldn’t get any rights if you are doing anything to harm America or any citizen in the United States. To me I feel that it is very important for every American to understand this. Also just because I believe this it doesn’t mean I’m “cold hearted” but I believe the protection of our country comes first before anyone.

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When doing this assignment I found multiple times where a lot of the presidential candidates were saying false statements which to me comes across very surprising because I would think if you were in the running to become the president you would choose your words more wisely. I now realize how important it is to fact check the legitimacy of what the candidates are saying. A lot of the time I would just watch tv or go on twitter and believe the first thing I saw but now I see that this is a common thing. If you think about it more, its crazy how much they twist up everything they say and even kind of scary. I mean one of these candidates will be the next president and we should want someone we trust. I can’t speak for the older generation but I can speak for mine and that is I know all these young voters don’t take the time to go look up if something is legit or not. And looking at that now its kind of funny because we have the capability to use the internet to see if the truth is really the truth, and we don’t take advantage of it. Theirs no way in this time of day we can rely on the media to tell us the truth.

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A rebellion is an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler. The first thing people think of when they hear the word “rebellion” is the word violence, which is understandable, but not entirely true and that’s why Gandhi’s Salt March intrigues me. The Salt March took place from March to April 1930, it was a protest against British rule in India. During the march, thousands of Indians followed Gandhi from Ahmedabad to the Arabian Sea coast, which was about 240 miles. The march ended up resulting in the arrest of 60,000 people, including Gandhi. Later on India was finally granted its independence in 1947. What makes these rebellions so powerful is that it shows the world that one man has the power to take on an empire, using just intelligence and even this case nonviolence. Things like this don’t just happen overnight though, it takes time, patience, and a build of trust with your community. A lot of people say that Gandhi’s Salt March would have not happened without the foundation he built among several hundred million Indians throughout the 1920s and 30s. Gandhi spent his time in the community trying to clean up the area, install new schools and build hospitals. Things like this matter to people and that’s why they take the time to follow someone they don’t even know, because they feel a connection with someone that’s done so much for them already. Someone like Gandhi didn’t just have an impact on his own people and country but even 20 years after his death, he also had a direct impact on the history of the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. was even said to have been heavily influenced by Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence. The fact that Gandhi took a nonviolence approach to his rebellion is what made the whole thing work in the first place, violence gets you know where. Its even said that Martin Luther Kings approach of nonviolence was the only logical approach to the problem of the race relations in America. In todays world the kind of uprising you see in society today in the current political climate is mainly things that have to deal with race, terrorists, and the economy. A well known movement going on today is the “black lives matter” which is a movement that vows to fight on to shine a light on racial injustice.

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Edward Snowden is a former National Security agency subcontractor who made headlines in 2013 when he leaked some top secret information about NSA surveillance activities. In the book 1984 Winston and O’Brien do some similar things that Edward Snowden does. Winston’s whole job is to rewrite history so outsiders don’t know what really happens, by doing this he helps the part. Winston knows this is wrong and so he starts his diary and his rebelling. Just like Edward, Winston wants to help the people and despises the party just like Edward and how he despises what the NSA is doing. They both also are in it not for just themselves but for the people and think they deserve the truth just as much as they do. In one of the videos I watched called “here’s how we take back the internet” Edward says “who I am doesn’t really matter at all…what really matters here is the kind of government we want.” This line reminds me of something Winston would say if he were to get caught because he doesn’t really know who he is or nor does he care if others know who he is, he just wants the truth and everyone else to know it. The difference between Winston and Edward to me is that if Winston were to get caught he wouldn’t try to flee to another country. Winston throughout the whole book is continually scared that any moment he will be captured by the thought police, but because he believes this he know she must continue to rebel. O’Brien is like a brother to Winston in the book, he trusts him even though he’s in the inner party. Its like if Edward had someone at the NSA to work with or trust he would too try to find someone like O’Brien.

smore #11

Is technology from Heaven? Personally, I don’t believe technology its self just flew down here from heaven and poof we have computers, iphones, and ipods. I believe that god gave us the capability to create technology but he didn’t create it himself. I think men and women have put their brain together and learned how to create and think outside of the box. When Orwell mentions “science and technology” I think he means that science and technology couldn’t of been created with war and distractions back then, and that’s why he says its more primitive today than it was 50 years ago. Also the fact that it was starting to create and build so rapidly that he thought it seemed so natural and maybe that’s why he thought it came from heaven. The goal of science is the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake while technology is to create products.

smore #12

Personally if I had to choose happiness or freedom I think I would choose happiness. So, I don’t blame the American people. If know one notices what’s going on and its not physically hurting them then why not choose happiness. Also a lot of the times I think people like to choose the easy way out of things so instead of fighting for something they didn’t even know was happening, I think they’d rather ignore it. Going back to what Winston says I agree, most people would think that for “the great bulk of mankind, happiness was better” and that still relates to society today as you can clearly see. Even after Snowden went through all that trouble the majority of the American people choose to ignore it and go against him. I think people will remember what he did and some will respect it but no one will truly even understand what he did. The whole issue is to complicated for anyone to even act upon it or make any rational decisions to make a change. So In the long run that’s why I think complicated and just be happy. people would rather not take the time and try to understand something to

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Gaslighting is the ability to make someone else doubt themselves when they already know what they believe. This form of abuse is usually happens when a gaslighter says something false with such intensity that the person on the other end is confused and starts to doubt themselves. I think it’s gotten so easy for people with higher authority to gaslight others is because just that, they have higher authority. Americans think just because someone is on tv and is well known that they automatically know more. I mean they must? Right? NO, that’s the problem, were letting these big time politicians walk all over us because we are losing our confidence. The most famous gaslighter is Trump but he’s not the only guilty one, Hilary Clinton has also been seen doing the same. There has been multiple accounts where Hilary has been seen gaslighting Bernie sanders but of course the average American people don’t see that. Only reporters and sometimes they don’t even choose to report the truth. For example, Hilary will attack Bernie and and he will fire back and then somehow she will all of a sudden act all calm making her look like she choose to take the high road and that poor Hilary is being attacked. The only way we the people can stop this is to pay attention, listen closely, actually watch and engage in the tv. Don’t let politicians control what you see and understand also.

Smore #14

To me I think it’s a choice whether or not you want to be addicted to your phone & ALSO disconnect from others at the same time. I mean I would say that i’m pretty addicted to my cellphone but I also know how to communicate and I still get that craving of wanting to go out to eat with someone and have a face to face conversation. But then I do realize there are other people that don’t crave to hang out with others and are just fine with being at home by them self with their technology. The only thing I could think of that could stop this from becoming a reality for every one is use the technology as an advantage. Start posting things that are outdoorsy and fun. Post a picture at a water park, festival, concert, dinner with friends, and the list goes on. But people want to be doing what everyone else is doing and they also want to be having fun. So make them think that, THAT is worth more than just staying home and living through it through your cellphone screen. Because the sad truth is everyone wants to do what gets the most likes on facebook and instagram. Because. Thats. Cool. I mean yes someone could start a movement about “look what’s really in front of you” and it could be about staying off your technology and start being really connected with the world but I don’t really think it’s going to change anything. I think we’re all ready to far down the rabbit hole to come back and technology is just going to keep growing and growing. The only way this is going to be solved, so we don’t all end up being slaves to technology is taking a step back and thinking “do I really want to lose touch with the world?” “Do I want a simple face to face conversation to become the hardest thing I have to do?” This isn’t just a society a problem this is a YOU problem. The way i’m going to use technology as a power instead of letting it control me is i’m going to challenge myself to only look at my phone when I have to contact someone or when someone has contacted me. And if i’m being honest this will probably not last long.

Smore #14 part two

Over my years in high school I’ve taken a lot of language arts classes and this year has been one of my favorites. I usually dislike writing a lot but I felt this year we got to write about things that related to us and mattered right now. Its very frustrating when you have to write about old people and literature that’s a totally snooze. The very first day we had to write about what we thought “media Literacy” meant and of course I had an idea do what it meant but now I have an understanding of it. I look at media literacy differently now, I think with more respect too. I like that now when I watch tv or see advertisements It’s almost even a game to me because I find it fun that I know how to analyze things now. And to me I think this is one of the best types of language arts you can take before going off to college, because it’s the most relatable. I think its made me actually want to go home and put on the news instead of watching gossip girl. In the future to make this class better I would say maybe watch more videos and less smores ;). No, but honestly I loved this class and I don’t really know what you could change to make it better because I enjoyed this class a lot.