McKay High School Weekly Update

Week of May 15th -- 19th

Message from the Admin Team

It is hard to believe that only four weeks remain in the school year. These next few weeks will be full of opportunities to celebrate. Whether we are talking about our Art Show, Math Awards, or the upcoming Senior Graduation. All of these provide us with a chance to reflect on progress made. We would like to invite all of you to celebrate with your student(s). Any improvement is worth celebrating. This past year has we have seen students mature personally, as well as academically. Our Freshman have adapted to High School, and our Juniors are looking forward to their Senior Year. This upcoming week, take a moment to celebrate any growth made by your student(s).

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Shout Outs (Academic, Athletics, Activities)

We continued our spring season of celebrations this past week at McKay High School. Our annual Junior/Senior Prom was held at the Willamette Heritage Center. On Friday May 12 our students and some guests enjoyed a night of music and dancing. This was a great celebration of our student culture at McKay. (Pictures Below)

Alongside, our Junior/Senior Prom we celebrated our Unified Prom the very next night here on campus. (Pictures Below) This event is designed to host students who experience some level of sensory issues, giving them an opportunity to experience prom. Staff worked extra hard to decorate and make sure that a good time was had by all.

Both of these events reflect the strong sense of community here at McKay High School. Thank you for all people who participated.

Safety Updates

Heat Concerns at McKay High School

We understand that temperatures in areas of the building have risen to uncomfortable levels. The issue is that the newly installed HVAC unit will not be fully functioning for at least another week.

Here’s what we are doing to respond to needs:

  • All doors between the North Wing and the Main Building will remain open for air flow.
  • There is an industrial fan pulling air from the North Wing into the East Wing.
  • Some classrooms have received Gatorade jugs with ice water, these are limited and are being placed strategically.
  • When temperatures drop in evenings, all air-handlers are pulling in outside air in attempt to cool the building.

While air flow is not cool, there is still on-going air flow. COVID air restrictions are still in effect, therefore we are still required to circulate external air for health reasons. This will continue to occur until COVID restrictions are eased on June 17th.

We ask that families be mindful that your student dresses in layers to accommodate for a change in the temperatures in different sides of the building. Also, please consider sending your student with extra water for the classes that are impacted. We are looking to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Counseling Corner

Big picture

For McKay Seniors who are going to receive the Oregon Seal of Bi-Literacy (see information below)

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Upcoming Events

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Please check the events calendar linked here.


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