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These people are eager to persevere for what they want

Lizzie Velasquez and Brittany's Comparison of Insecurities Caused by Bullies

Lizzie Velasquez went through some of the hardest times in her life, not just being diagnosed with a syndrome with lack of body fat and anorexia, but she also went through years throughout her life continuously dealing with bullying. Lizzie was bullied from the age when she started walking until now and it still hasn't stopped. In middle school and high school she got bullied the worst. She got bullied for things such as her anorexic appearance and her deformations. People surrounded her day after day and wouldn't stop the negative comments. Lizzie often thought she would never be good enough for anyone. Soon, Lizzie's classmates labeled her as insecure. Later in her school years her classmates that hated her started calling her, "The ugliest woman in the world". Lizzie was worried that her ambition was now lowered since she was the ugliest woman. They also began to make fun of her youtube videos. Lizzie's fear that her classmates were making videos of her became true. The bullies made videos about her. Lizzie saw the video and the hurtful comments and began to feel horrible about herself. The video was called "The most ugly woman in the world", being the same as her nickname. She saw the video had more than four million views. When she found that out she realized she was famous for being ugly and nothing else. All of these comments and situations that brought her down, made her feel like she wasn't worth anything and she felt inadequate. She soon didn't want to be a part of activities, but later she had convinced herself otherwise. Lizzie thought she could prove to everyone that she's better than what they say she is and later to see she began to prove it to everyone and began to have more confidence in herself. Even though Lizzie had blocked out the bullies from school when she was younger, she still doesn't get a break from bullying now. Lizzie has shared that she believes in herself and is a famous inspirational speaker even though people try to bring her down each day.

Brittany has been fighting bullying since she changed schools. Brittany faces more challenges with bullies and herself then many people you know. Each day that passes brings another challenge her way. Hearing about what Brittany goes through gives us an understanding about how strong she really is on top of hearing her dad has cancer. Brittany mostly gets bullied because of her actions. This causes her to falter. Groups of boys often gather around Brittany and make fun of her. This causes her to feel insecure. They torment her through false rumors about how she kissed a boy. Brittany acts like these hurtful comments don't bother her, hoping they will stop and because she doesn't argue back, some people believe the boys. Deep down Brittany is torn apart by this. Tessa tries harder and harder each day to ignore them but now she acts and feels like she isn't good enough. Brittany is brought down by others day by day and gets worse each day that goes by. Just when she gains some confidence, it happens again , and again, and again. It seems the less she says back to the bullies the worse it gets.

Both of the girls, Lizzie and Brittany, face some of the same insecurities and adversities. Lizzie and Brittany get treated the same,which neither of them should ever be treated like this, but they do. Brittany gets bullied often because of her appearance and so does Lizzie. They both face the same challenges. Just like Brittany, Lizzie gets made fun of her actions too. When Lizzie made her own youtube videos she was made fun of and was called unbearable words. Brittany and Lizzie's situations are similar even though they are different people. Both girls carry on their lives despite the bullies because they know life can sometimes not go the way they wish because of the bullies that disrupt them and their everyday life.

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Bethany Hamilton's Sequence of Her Life From Failure to Success

Bethany Hamilton's life has gone from success to failure and from failure again to success. Bethany's hardships within her life had been devastating but she still found a way to get through them and to be successful, even after she thought her career was gone. Bethany at first in her early life chose to be a surfer. Even though she knew she was risking her life going through the ocean she still had determination and wanted to venture and prove to herself that she could achieve her goal. Later, after she said she had an interest in surfing, she admitted that she for sure wanted to follow her dreams. Bethany had mentioned she wanted to be the best surfer and to be in competitions within the world. She was going to achieve her life long goal. When she went out and practiced every night there was one night that she thought something was wrong, and of course it was her last practice before the competition. Bethany was surfing back to shore and got attacked by a shark. Right when it happened she stated "she was speechless, she thought she wouldn't be able to continue her dream", she was in a horrible situation. She screamed for help and luckily her family members were there to help her. After the paramedics came she was rushed to the hospital and they admitted that she needed a prosthetic arm. She never let it affect her and her capabilities. She moved on and felt the need to fight and challenge herself again. Later, throughout her life, as she got older she told her audience her story and at the time she had qualified to be in first place at that one championship. As she continued her career she was so proud of herself for getting first place again in her age group. Bethany has shown resilience since the unfortunate situation occurred. Everyone has cheered her up and helped her gain confidence within the past years that have left her in a hard position. Bethany has been a true inspiration to the people who don't believe in themselves and continues to inspire more people to this day.
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Dereck Rose's Problems Add up to Him Being Successful

Derrick Rose had some of the hardest times, but soon he found ways to end the bad times and overcome them to turn them into good times. When Derrick Rose was younger he didn't have a successful life nor did be appreciate it, he shared. Derrick Rose grew up in Englewood, IL, downtown Chicago. He stated "he didn't appreciate where he lived or his family". It's sad hearing that he didn't appreciate his family when those were the only people that would be capable of helping him through the hard times but chose not to. It was also hard for Derrick because he only grew up with his siblings and his Mom. Derrick didn't have a Dad during his young life and also he still doesn't. His Mom didn't care about him as much as she did for his other siblings. Derrick's Mom didn't care to teach Derrick anything, for example, manners, and even everyday skills. Since he wasn't taught any good skills because his Mom didn't care about him and in the absence of a Dad, he started to assume that nothing was possible at that point because there wasn't anyone to support him. Derrick thought that he should stop trying to achieve his dream. He thought there wasn't enough money for him to go to college and play as a professional. This brought Derrick to tears, as he explained. As mentioned, he wanted to carry on and never wanted to yield, he wanted to keep fighting for what he wanted and didn't want to give up. He wanted to carry on a career of basketball and was always practicing everyday because he had faith in himself and was eager to persue his lifelong goal. Soon, Derrick went to college and was able to continue to play basketball with his college team. He didn't think he would be able to continue a journey of the one sport he loved. Derrick thought everyone else was better than him.

Derrick soon suprised himself tremendously because he was offered to play on a team in the NBA. He knew accepting the offer would allow him to follow his dreams. Dereck accepted the offer to play on a team and began practicing and thought that the only way he got himself there was because he didn't give up and he kept on practicing his favorite sport. Derrick Rose shows true inspiration. He went through rough times when he was younger that brought him down but managed a way to get through them. Derrick inspires so many people because he overcame his rough situations. He shows how anything can be possible if you continue to fight for what you love and who you want to be in the future. Also not letting anything get to you by what people say to you or how people treat you should not allow you to give up on your goals in life, just like Derrick persevered through his life.

Kayla Montgomery's War Through the Effects of Her Disease

Kayla Montgomery has been battling a disease called M.S. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that can cause damage to your nerves and cause you to not be able to walk. Kayla had been affected badly from this horrific disease. When Kayla was younger and growing up she was a dedicated runner. There was a day when she knew something had happened that was wrong. She had been diagnosed with M.S. The doctors didn't know the cause of the M.S, but they did know that she wouldn't be able to run anymore. She thought she wouldn't be able to overcome this adversity. Hearing this news would have made me devastated especially hearing it from a doctor. Kayla thought that she wouldn't be able to continue her running in school meets, especially in her junior and senior year of high school. Kayla had a coach that helped her with everything that she thought she couldn't do. Her coach was the person who had faith in her. Kayla was one of the best runners on her team and didn't want that to end.

Kayla heard the news that she had M.S, and slowly began losing faith in herself. Kayla knew the side affects of M.S and for sure thought it's not possible to run anymore. With M.S it limits what you can do usually, but in Kayla's case it didn't for her. Kayla kept fighting for her dreams and for what she wanted to do. The race that Kayla was signed up for was shortly after she got diagnosed. Kayla continued to race but realized that her side affects were quite bad. Even though she knew they were bad she still wanted to venture out even when she knew it was dangerous for her situation, going numb and having your nerves not be able to work. Whenever Kayla would run for a good amount of time at a fast speed Kayla's legs would go numb, but she would still be running. Her coach realized that it would be a huge help to Kayla by assisting her at the end of the race and catching her. Kayla's coach had helped her the whole junior and senior year of high school. Believe it or not, Kayla came in first even with this heart breaking disease. Kayla shows such a powerful attitude towards her goals and meets. She shows how eager she is to fight and to continue her journey no matter what doctors say and how badly her disease affects her.

Young Athlete Pushes the Limits of a Crippling Disease

Noah Galloway's Description of a Massive Tragedy

Noah Galloway joined the Army a couple of years ago until recently opting out. Noah had fought year after year trying to help our country stay safe and be in control. He had believed in himself from day one and he began his time in the army, until he chose to retire after a massive incident that occurred and changed his life tremendously. One day, Noah thought he wasn't going to make it any longer, but surprisingly he did. He ran into a difficult situation when he got in an accident while fighting for our country. Noah was assigned to be in the "Death Triangle". During the time, a horrible incident occurred; a bomb had blown up in his face. The moment that it happened he stated, that people said he was unconscious. On Christmas morning he woke up in the hospital torn up in a mess. Hearing this from him makes you think how determined he was to keep his head high and to remember that this all happened for a reason, for the people of our country. Noah never gave up after he heard what had happened to him. His face got burned, his mouth was wired shut, his jaw had to be reconstructed, and he lost his left arm and left lower leg. Noah continued to persevere and never let anything get to him. Even though he couldn't do much, it never got to him because he knew he was impaired and not many people are. He acted like he was just as normal as everybody else, seeing he could do everything everyone else can do like lift weights, dance, and run, even with a prosthetic arm and leg.
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