Springfield Council of PTAs Monthly

Volume 4, Issue 3/April 2020

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Wednesday, April 1st, 1pm

This is an online event.

Hello, Springfield PTAs! We are working for you to bring you information on how to move your units forward during this time. We know you have many questions (we do too) so we are planning a Facebook live at 1 p.m. this Wednesday, April 1st, to hopefully answer some of those questions. We really hope to see you all and have a chance to connect!



April 1, 2020


Springfield Council of PTAs General Membership Meeting

Facebook Live

Welcome - Julia Spiva, President

Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Jungmann

MOPTA Update – Mandy Mitchell, Regional Director

Clothing Bank Update – Taryn Raidel, Chair

Scholarship Update - Jennifer Penny, VP of Organization and Development

Reflections and RIF Update – Christi Matthews, VP of Programs

Treasurer’s Report – Leslie Norman, Treasurer

Nominating Committee Update – Sarah Whitten, Chair

Update on Unit Incentive and Membership Awards - Julia Spiva, President

Q & A

A Letter from Your Council President

By Julia Spiva


Dear SCPTA Family,

My sincere hope is that this newsletter finds you and your family all doing well. We have experienced a rather steep learning curve as we adjust to our “new norm.” Your SCPTA Executive Board met via Google Meet this past Wednesday and as I am writing this we are working diligently to virtually communicate with all of you! Please visit our website at www.scptamo.com and our Facebook page at @SCPTAs for updated information as we learn to navigate this new world together. There you will find links to our SCPTA Facebook page, PTA Clothing Bank Facebook Page, SPS, as well as Missouri PTA and National PTA pages. I know holidays are one of my favorite things, and we as a family are still looking forward to Easter. I have already decorated our home in anticipation of the Easter Bunny! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Stay safe!

Letter to Self on COVID-19

When confronted with a challenge, you have three choices. You can give up, give in, or give it all you have.

Dear Self,

I write to provide guidance, comfort, and some perspective as you navigate the unchartered realities of COVID-19. While there is no perfect game plan or leadership manual to deal with these times, the essence of your human spirit has been equipped to win the days ahead.

When confronted with a challenge, you have three choices. You can give up, give in or give it all you have. Positive self-talk is one of the most essential tools you carry daily and is now more vital than ever. When you take control of your mind, a negative thought does not turn into a lingering negative conversation in your head.

There might be times on this journey when you experience confusion, anxiety, discomfort, and even some pain, but understand you are never alone. The sun will always rise, no matter how dark the previous night. No matter what happened yesterday or five minutes ago, you have an invaluable opportunity to cherish this moment while making it more vibrant and brighter. Falling is a part of life, getting back up is living — and remember that inside every difficulty, there is a hidden opportunity.

You can live in the space of gratitude, even when you feel life is testing and challenging you. These obstacles must become transformative occasions for growth and discovery. Amid rapid change, news feeds, and alerts, find moments to reconnect with yourself, loved ones, and friends. Make sure you are doing everything in your power for those you lead while never forgetting to breathe deeply.

The only thing that is ever guaranteed is the gift of the present. Life is a journey, not merely a destination. Overcoming these times will be a marathon, not just a sprint.

Develop a “what’s next” growth mentality. Know you are built for this moment and the days ahead. You are built to turn obstacles into opportunities and wounds into wisdom.

Believe in your heart, for it offers hope. Believe in your mind, for it provides direction. Believe in your soul, for it gives strength — and believe in yourself because you are enough and will rise above these tough times.


Credit for this letter goes to Coach Yocum who sent this to the Lady Falcon Golfers and their families

Tips from The Treasurer

By Leslie Norman


Hello, everyone. I hope my video on monthly reconciliation will be helpful for you. Just a reminder that this should be done monthly--proceed running monthly treasurer's report to present at your meetings and for your and your president's records.

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By Susan Rupert

Missouri PTA President

Hello Missouri PTA Members,

In response to the health information and recommendations related to the coronavirus outbreak, many school districts have closed and suspended building access to groups who utilize their facilities. Missouri PTA knows this combined with the CDC guidelines for meetings/gatherings creates many concerns for our PTAs across the state.

I would like to address our nominating and officer election process. The March 31 deadline for providing officer information to our state office is set in our bylaws and is a requirement of good standing. This date cannot be changed without a bylaws amendment approved at our state convention. We understand that units/councils could be delayed in completing their election process and forwarding this information to the state office. Please be assured that Missouri PTA is sensitive to these extenuating circumstances and will support our units and councils every way we possibly can. Once officer information is received, units’ and councils’ good standing status will be updated accordingly.

Good standing is a factor when verifying eligibility for awards, recognition, scholarships, grants, etc. The Missouri PTA Executive Committee has voted to exempt applications from the 2020-2021 officer information submission deadline of March 31. This exception will end on September 1, 2020.

An update regarding the status of the 104th Annual State convention scheduled for May 1-3 is forthcoming. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

This is an unprecedented situation filled with lots of questions and uncertainty for all of us, especially our students. I hope that we, as PTA members will see this as an opportunity to find ways to work with our education partners to support our families.

Our 104th Annual State Convention scheduled for May 1-3, 2020, has been canceled as well as the Reflections Student Showcase scheduled for Sunday, May 3.

Delegate registration fees that have been paid will be fully refunded. Payments made by PayPal will be refunded through PayPal. Those individuals, units, or councils that paid by check will receive a check from Missouri PTA. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we process these refund payments.

Missouri PTA cannot make any changes in hotel reservations made by delegates. Individuals will need to contact the Hilton Frontenac directly at (314) 824-6015.

Sadly, we are unable to come together as planned to celebrate the talent of our young artists that were recognized at the state level of Reflections this year. Nevertheless, we want to make sure they are aware of how proud we are of their achievements. Plans are being developed regarding program recognition and awards. We will update you when these details are available if you have an “outside the box” idea, email reflections@mopta.org!

Being at home right now allows me to work on all those unfinished projects, try some new crafts, and clean house. My husband keeps saying, “Stop moving the furniture!” Most of all, it is an opportunity to wear my PTA hat more. Your Board of Managers continues to work hard to serve you while ensuring the safety of their family and their own. We are striving to find ways to navigate the challenges and opportunities before us. We will keep you updated!

Stay healthy PTA Family!

Parliamentary Note:

Many PTA/PTSA units have provisions in their bylaws that allow for electronic voting by the Executive Committee or Executive Board. Often the articles that cover the Executive Committee or Executive Board do not include the activities of the general members. It is the general membership that has the authority to elect officers. This authority is not usually delegated to the Executive Committee or Executive Board. Please review your bylaws carefully regarding electronic voting.

Basic Parliamentary Procedures

Basic Parliamentary Procedure

  • Parliamentary procedure requires that all members have equal rights; that there be mutual respect among board members; that the rights of the minority to initiate motions, debate, and have their votes counted be protected, while at the same time the will of the majority governs.
  • Only one item may be under consideration at a time.
  • The majority vote decides the question.
  • Any question that limits board members’ rights of discussion or changes the agreed order of business requires a 2/3 vote of the members present.
  • Any matter once decided cannot be brought up again at the same meeting, except by a motion to reconsider.
  • The simplest, clearest and most expeditious way to conduct business is considered proper, as long as it does not violate the rights of members.

Voting by eMail

Voting by email can only be allowed if your PTA bylaws provide for this method. The chair should be careful in using this method to determine the majority rule on an issue. The procedure for the vote should include instruction for the time allowed for debate and when voting will take place. Also, each member must be able to participate in the debate contemporaneously (at the same time); therefore members must be careful to use "reply all" when discussing and voting.

Results of the electronic vote should be reported at the next "physical meeting" and be recorded in the minutes of the approving body.

What about other technology – Voting by Zoom, Google Meet, or other Video Technology

The chair should be careful in using this method to determine the majority rule on an issue. It might be wise to follow the same procedure as voting by eMail. While this method may allow for deliberative assembly and contemporaneous debate, it is important that all members have access to the technology so as not to deny their rights as members. In a membership organization, such as PTA, the general membership is normally responsible for decisions such as the election of officers, bylaws, and budgets. These important decisions are not normally delegated in bylaws to a board or other governing body.

If meeting by video is convenient for a board or executive committee, please remember to respect your bylaws regarding meeting notices, minutes, and quorum. Additionally, the chair should be able to easily determine the majority rule and keep order.

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Your 2019-2020 SCPTA Officers & Chairs

President: Julia Spiva, president@scptamo.com

VP of Organization and Development: Jennifer Penny, orgdev@scptamo.com
• Bylaws:
• Legislation/Resolutions: Donna Petiford, petiford@sbcglobal.net
• Scholarships: Becky Volz, scholarships@scptamo.com

VP of Health and Public Services: Mandy Mitchell, clothingbank@scptamo.com

VP of Programs: Christi Matthews, programs@scptamo.com
• Reflections: Jessica Rosa, jessica@jrosaphoto.com
• Fourth-Grade Play: Breana Kavanaugh bnkavanaugh@spsmail.org
• RIF: Mary Christiano, mary@christiano.us

Secretary: Sarah Whitten, secretary@scptamo.com
Treasurer: Leslie Norman, treasurer@scptamo.com


Parliamentarian: Donna Petiford, donnapetiford@gmail.com

Diversity & Inclusion Adviser: Toi Allen, taocoach@yahoo.com

Administrative Assistant: Mattie James, Glendale High School
Advisors: Elementary: Stephanie Young, Delaware Elementary
Middle School: Andre Illig, Cherokee Middle School
High School: Chris Hunsaker Kickapoo High School
Superintendent Representative: Dr. Michael Methvin
Board of Education Representative: Gerry Lee lee@mosba.org
MOPTA Representative: Mandy Mitchell, mandym@mopta.org

MOPTA Office: 573-445-4161
National PTA Office: 800-307-4782

Springfield Council of PTAs

Council Goals

  • To provide leadership development for local units and council board members
  • To serve as a resource for education, parenting information, and legislative issues
  • To encourage parent and public involvement in Springfield Public Schools