Saudi Arabia



Flight: it would cost $4,491.30 to fly to Medina, Saudi Arabia and back

Hotel: it would cost $440 to stay in Mecca, Saudi Arabia per night.



In Mecca, Saudi Arabia the main religion is Islam. They worship in a mosque. They are monotheistic and believe in one God (Allah). They believe in the five pillars of Islam. 1: pray towards Mecca 5 times a day, 2: give to the poor and needy, 3: particeapate in a hajj, 4: fast during the month of Ramadan, 5: believe in one God. All Muslims have to pray five times a day if this happens when you are out in public don't be alarmed just quietly wait till it's over.

Things that you shouldn't do

Don't insult anyone's religion or you will be sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in jail.

Don't offer them hamadryas baboon for a meal it is there sacred anmial and would offend them.

Don't try to change any thing or question their religion.

Don't question their religious Leaders.

Don't vandalize the kabba or any other religious figures.

Don't eat pork, it's s against the law.

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