Unit 2 - North America

Agricultural Industry

Location #1

Alberta, Canada

Alberta is a great place for any ranching or farming headquarters. Thirty two percent of the land for agriculture in Canada is in Alberta. At the South West edge of Alberta, lies the rocky mountains. Alberta is known to have a very comfortable climate and would be perfect for agriculture. The summers are mild and crisp and the winters are dry and cold. There are many sunny days in the grassland and parkland that are in the areas. Alberta has fertile soil and very many options, and there are many options such as ranching, and farming. Beef and Dairy cows, Steer, Bulls, Calves, and Poultry are great options. Wheat, Canola, and Barley are crops that thrive. A great place to consider opening a headquarters could be near Calgary due to the many economical options available there.

Benefits for agriculture in Alberta

-Alberta is close to US markets

-Abundant land available for agriculture

-Lots of available water in Canada

-Steady crop production

-Strong infrastructure

Location #2

Wisconsin, United States

Wisconsin lies in the north of the United States. The climate in Wisconsin is continental and gets affected by the Great Lakes. The soils derived by glacier lift are normally very deep, well drained and loamy. There are warm sunny summers and cold winters. The many small farms in Wisconsin lead to a very diverse agriculture industry. From dairy to vegetables, there are many options. The farms in Wisconsin can produce many different types of stuff such as Potatoes, Maple syrup, Cucumbers, Pickles, Pumpkins, Cabbages, Cherries, Sweet corn, Carrots and of course the Cheese and other dairy products. A headquarters would be placed in Milwaukee due to it's closeness to an area with great agricultural opportunities.

Benefits for agriculture in Wisconsin

-The climate is good for growing a variety of crops

-The different characteristics of the land

-Warm summers help plants grow

-Cold winters help soil replenish