Lincoln Agenda

December 15-19, 2014

What's Happening....


Monday, 12/15

Staff Meeting

Tuesday, 12/16

No Meeting...Due to Friday's Extra Meeting

Santa's Secret Workshop

Wednesday, 12/17

8:05 PD

Topics: Answering Google Calendar and Email Questions, How to Print NWEA Reports

Santa's Secret Workshop

3:30 District Discussion

Thursday, 12/18

8:05 RTI Intermediate

2nd Grade Holiday Parties

Santa's Secret Workshop

Friday, 12/19


Thank you for your flexibility for this added meeting.

2nd Grade Winter Wonderland

Holiday Parties

2:50 Sing Along

Please be on time to our morning meetings, unless there are unforeseen circumstances.

Link to RTI Meeting Schedule:

Link to PD Calendar:

TEACHERS-Be sure to write classroom events on the dry erase calendars in the office.


The computers in the lab will be used for Acuity on Monday and Tuesday.

The window for ELA & Math Readiness 2 is 1/7-1/30.

Fire Drill

Thank you for your flexibility during the fire drill that ended up being a surprise after all... I was at a First Responders meeting with Lane at 10:00, and our fire drill was scheduled for 2:00. The fireman was supposed to be at the meeting but instead came to Lincoln at 10:00 by mistake.

Happy Holidays

Enjoy a restful break! You all deserve it so very much!