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Honorable Murderer? By: Priscilla Boateng

Brutus or a Brute

On the Ides of March oh Honorable Brutus and his conspiring hoodlums ferociously killed the father of our land. Coming to us with a ludicrous speech on how Caesar the man who had placed us in his heart and will would turn us into his slave. Confusing the public with one way answers to questions, and Brutus was obviously confused himself after being exposed and continuing to refuse interviews and talk shows at a last plea to regain face he started spewing lies about how someone from the public wanted him to save us from Caesar obvious rubbish

Cassius and Brutus died honorable deaths once they saw their wrongs, although Cassius death is still under investigation due to thought of improper suicide. Others died in battle. Brutus's wife herself committed suicide through swallowing hot stones. But don't worry everybody Caesars wife is still living and we all give our condolences to her.Λυπούμαστε για την απώλειά σας

We had an interview with a man who wants his identity to be kept a secret. In the interview he stated that he thinks we should have pity on Brutus and not tarnish his memory. This mysteries man says he still sees Brutus as a honorable man, who was doing what he thought was right and this man still has much respect for Brutus. Although we completely hear what this " stranger" is saying we don't buy it Brutus is a Brute and that is that, and if it wasn't for the loyal Mark Anthony we the people would have never been told the truth and seen the light. So Hail Anthony we thank you. - The Ocotopus

Ask Athena

Dear Athena I had a super creepy dream regarding my husband. Basically in the dream the Roman people (who are suppose to be in love with my husband) were washing their hands with the blood flowing from his statue. I'm incredibly worried. What should I do. - a women of power

Dear a women of power,

If I were you I'd tell your husband to keep himself home, okay? Cause home girl your dream ain't right, You don't have to be a soothsayer to know the gods weren't playing with you when they sent you that dream, I don't care what you have to do, do it. Because it ain't looking good for your boo thang. - Athena

Truth Roses

Ladies you ever have problems getting your husband to tell you whats up?Do you think there might be a situation but no body will tell you squat? Want no more secrets and no more lies? Then go out and buy some truth roses. Infused with a special serum just plop a petal into your hubbies wine and give him a drink and for the next hour he wont be able to tell a lie. Truth Roses are just 3 easy payments of 62.99 plus shipping and handling. Tired Women Corps is not responsible for any anger or death that might lead from this product, Use with care and awareness of what you may find out.

Ask Athena

Dear Athena I seem to keep on getting this messages from the gods telling me to beware, but of what? I mean not to brag but I'm pretty loved who would be out to hurt me, Although there is this hungry young man who show'd up in my squad and I have to admit he aint fam you know I don't trust him. Do you think his the one I have to beware of? - The greatest

Dear The greatest

You seem pretty arrogant but aside from that follow your instinct if you thinks his sketchy he probably is, keep a close eye on him. The young and hungry ones are always the worst. But the gods might be telling you to beware of yourself you know you might be the one that leads you to your own doom. Just think about it. - Athena

Want Warrior Sons?

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