Principal's Corner #32

May 18, 2020

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  • To the Cottonwood Staff, Thank you for making my first year (plus some) of teaching such a wonderful experience. I felt you all welcomed me with open arms and were always so supportive. I am going to miss you all next year, but feel so lucky to have shared this time with you.

From Caroline Garey

  • To Megan Schultz for helping me with my Google form. You talked me through it, called other people, and followed up with me. You are the best!

From Melissa Adler

  • To the 5th Grade Team for coming together and collaborating weekly to build PBL opportunities for students.


  • To the Cottonwood Staff, I just wanted to thank everyone one last time for joining me on this journey! It was hard to be as school and not hug everyone and find that satisfying closure. When/if things are back to normal in the Fall, please let me know! I have learned so much from all of you and will miss you!!

From Ann Litschewski

  • To the 2020-21 Planning Committee, thank you for all of your time the past few weeks helping create our 2020-21 Master Schedule. I appreciate your collaboration.
  • To EVERYONE who helped make student distribution day a success. Not once did we back up onto Orchard! It was so good to see you and laugh with you. Without your help, we couldn't have done it.
  • To Melissa Adler, Joan Salinger, and Alison Berner for helping organize bags for distribution day! What a job - and I don't know what I would have done it I didn't have your help.
  • To ALL of you for your continued grace and support. This has been a big challenge for us all, but I have a new appreciation for everyone!!! THANK YOU!

From Katie Johnson

  • To Ken Martinez a giant thank you for helping take down all of the art work in the school! I know what a huge staple removing endeavor that is and it made the task of getting work returned to our 5th grade students much easier.

  • To Scott Rogers Thank you for taking the time from your work day to help pull the 5th grade art bags together! It involved a lot of sorting, name searches, and stapling, all the while bent over. The kids got their art work at pick up thanks to you!

From Dawn Thompson

  • To everyone who helped make distribution day fun, safe, and seamless. A special thanks to Stacey Shwayder for staying late to help put things back in order.
  • To Joan for coordinating three delicious individually wrapped lunches in a row. It gave us the energy to power through those long days.
  • To Ken for helping me hang all of my things to make my office feel like home and now for helping to take everything down and help me get ready to move out.
  • To absolutely every single on of your Cottonwood Cougars for making this a year that I will never every forget. I couldn't have asked for a better place and a better staff with which to start my career in admin. I will mess you all!

From Alison Berner

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Class Pictures

If you have class pictures still in your classrooms, please return them to the front office when we return to the building.

FOSS Kit Updates

Please see the Google Doc below in regards to FOSS Kit Updates.

This communication will:

  • Explain what to do if you currently have a FOSS kit in your building
  • Provide updated directions and the link for grade level teacher teams to request FOSS kits for next year (2020-2021)

Please make all FOSS requests by May 22. These requests are on a first come/first serve basis.

It's not too late to fill out a building maintenance work request!

Summer Contact Information Complete before Wednesday, May 20th

Progress Reports

  • Progress reports should be completed by 5/20/20.
  • More information to come around Progress Report Distribution.
  • All areas will be marked RL. The Achievement Status AND Work and Social Skills Rubrics have been adjusted to show an RL in place of a 4,3,2, or 1. (See images below).
  • Academic Comments: There is a mandatory remote learning standard academic comment that all teachers must use. Please reference the PDF below. Do not add any additional comments in this area of the progress reports.
  • Work / Social Comments: Summarize 2-3 areas of strength and 1-2 areas of growth from the 19-20 school year. These comments should be added in the Work / Social Comments section. No comments may refer to levels of student engagement for Term 3 in any area.
  • SpEd Progress Reports will be emailed to parents on May 22nd.

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COVID-19 Reporting Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed either by a test or by a provider but are NOT hospitalized please call Tri County Health Department at 303-220-9200 to report your diagnosis. This is for two reasons: so an epidemiologist can talk with you about possible exposures and communicating with people you came in contact with AND so there is more accurate overall reporting for our county and state.