Pack All Items Up and Be Ready for Movement

It is Time For the Movement into Camps

All able bodied men and women of the Kraków Ghetto be ready for movement into the Jewish work camp of Auchwitz-Birkenau. Some Polish workers are already there and in the beginning of the new year of 1942 many Jewish men and women will be moved into this camp.

What To Do With Others.

Disabled, Elderly, and Children

If you have elder or children there will be a separate gate for them to pass through. They will meet you once again once everyone has boarded the trains to the camps. If you have any disabled or mentally handicapped we ask you to arrive early with the person and we will deal with them accordingly to make the transition easier for them. They will, as other elderly and children, meet you in the camps or on the train.

What To Do

Bring all of your necessary belongings to the check in gate where they will be checked by German officers to see if they are needed by you to be taken into the camp. Once your items have been approved they will be returned to you for you to board the train to leave for the camp.