New this year! We are teaming up with BOBO's pizza for our school wide fundraiser. Why are we excited about BOBO'S?

  • Everything is online! No collecting or turning in of money or checks! No chance of orders getting lost between home and school.
  • They are offer a variety of items, not just pizza!
  • All items come packaged along with the prizes from BoBo’s right off the truck!
  • Easily share your students unique EZ share link to family and friends so they can order!
  • On the night of pick up all you have to do is drive right up and we will put your order in your car!
  • All of the information will be sent home with students closer to the start of the sale. The fundraiser will run from February 12th through February 26th. Pick up for items will be on Thursday, March 18th from 4-7 p.m.

**Quick tip: all online orders have a $2.50 fee, to avoid the fee for everyone, consider combining orders with family and friends.


Students were assessed in math and reading the first two weeks of January using AimsWeb. We are so proud of our students! And our staff! Our results indicate what we are currently teaching is working. Our data is very similar to the past few years.

In 4th grade math, 79% of our students scored in the average to above average range. In 4th grade reading, 82% of our students scored in the average to above average range. In 5th grade math, 87% of our students scored in the average to above average range. And in 5th grade reading, 86% of our students scored in the average to above average range.

We cannot thank our Gardner families enough for valuing education! Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a quality education. With the combination of families valuing education and dedicated staff, our students are successful!


It's not too late to order your student a yearbook! Order by visiting ybpay.lifetouch.com and using yearbook ID code 10791921.


If you would like to contribute to the "Be the Change" Campaign by the House of Neighborly services, please send in any spare change with your student to school. Thank you!
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If your student would like to participate in the Young Author writing contest please see the letter from Superintendent, Kelton Davis, and the checklist below. Hard copies of this letter and the checklist can be picked up in the Gardner office. The deadline to turn in entries is 2/26.
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The VFW Auxiliary in Waterloo is hosting an "Illustrating America" art contest. If your student would like to participate entry forms are in the Gardner office. Students can turn in their entries to the Gardner office and are due by 2/26.
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Pictured are students who received an Above and Beyond award for the month of November! The November trait was Gratitude! Winners are... Dean Baldwin, Sofia Rauh, T.J. Hamid, Olivia Burns, Isabella Riesing, Jeriah Fink, Lynnan Logan, Titan Tomanovich, Tabitha Fosnock, Amos Matthews, Guliana Paraham, Evan Rahn, Liam Gilbert, Lydia Anderson, Tim Newell, Ethan Lauth, Addy Prewitt, Caleb Biffar, Korryn McBride, Garrett Stechmesser, Brielle Fink, Makayla Foster, Cruz Riebling, Rylan Miller, Presly Lane, Sam Breitwiser, McKenna Sternau, Kaleigh Halleran, Ren Gilbert, Hunter Massey, and Kehrington Schultheis. Not pictured are Madison Done and Alexis Doerr.
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Pictured are students who received an Above and Beyond award for the month of December! The December trait was Kindness! Winners are...Chase Polk, Tessa Ervin, Owen Luttman, Mya Jenkins, Dominic Goodman, Sam Beck, Macie Espenschied, Maxine Albracht, Lucas Harmon, Ethan Perjak, Quinn Ahrens, Luke Lutman, Molly McNeil, Jonah McBroom, Avery Ervin, Daniel Calloway, Katherin Otten, Logan Olsson, Ty Schmeink, Liam O'Leary, Kaidyn Moore, Cole Weichert, Ava Brumit, Colin Schmeig, Braylon Phillips and Christian Jenkins. Not pictured are Avery Hoffmann, Ava Gilbert, Lily Hurley, Charlotte Keeling, Keaton Schmitt, and Kaleb Riggs.
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Not a Bummer, But Better!

There are many changes in our classrooms this year that might be viewed as a “bummer”. Our job is to turn those things into “betters”. Here are some examples:

  • Fourth graders are benefitting from the combined talents of eight dedicated teachers this year, instead of just one!

  • We continuously scour the Internet for fun, interactive, educational activities. These have become our updated version of daily worksheets!

  • We are challenged to incorporate new lessons and ideas into our school day-- a new biography report unit in writing, and a new Dr. Seuss unit in reading, just to name a few.

  • We are learning how to be problem solvers together. Kids are learning that adults don’t always have the answers. Often when a technology issue arises in the middle of a lesson, we all brainstorm the solution together. The shared feeling of overcoming obstacles and teamwork can be a powerful tool and confidence builder.

You may not be able to see the “betters” from your vantage point. Take comfort in the fact that we’ve made it our mission to make this school year one to remember-- not just because of covid.


5th grade students continue to persevere in positive ways through this ever so changing school year! Please take some time to tell your student how wonderful they are doing.

Continue to remind your student to watch all subject videos, check their emails daily, and schedule any Zooms with their teachers when they have questions.

5th graders will be wrapping up Unit 3 in Math and diving into Unit 4 where we will be discussing decimal concepts and coordinate grids! Don’t forget to keep practicing those division and multiplication math facts at home for our quarterly timed tests. In Reading, we have started our Non-Fiction novel study with Frozen Man. Students have been practicing determining the main idea of each chapter and supporting the main idea with supporting details from the text. In writing, 5th graders are in the revising stages of their Fiction Narratives. Ask your student what their story is about! We are continuing our Matter Unit in Science. Up next, we will be analyzing the difference between physical and chemical changes.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, students will not be able to exchange Valentine’s Day cards, candy, or snacks. However, the school will provide a packaged drink and treat to every student.

We hope you and your student understand how thankful we are for your continued effort at school and home! Thank you for all you do. 💕


Music classes will be celebrating the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We will be working with several pieces of music. We will be discovering the form of theme and variations. We will be reviewing musical elements from quarters one and two. Each week there is a worksheet to complete and turn in by the next music class. The worksheets are a review and practice of the music ideas we learn about in class.

Rhythm Raptor Challenge Award

The rhythm raptor challenge has started for round 2 for the fourth and fifth grade classes. The classes with the most points wins the rights of keeping Rex the Dinosaur and his cousins in their classroom until the next challenge.

Remember if you are remote learning check your google classroom. Each week there will be lessons and assignments posted on google classroom under the music topic for your class. Please complete the lessons each week. Your music grade will include the remote learning assignments.

Fifth grade band and chorus have been postponed at this time. We will try to get the groups started during this school year when we have more in person learning time. Information will be sent home as soon as we know about the start of these groups


We will once again take part in the Kids Heart Challenge to raise money for the American Heart Association. Students will jump March 8th through the 19th. Look for more information to come home with your student next month.


As the cozy winter months persist with some unusually warm days, it provides a good time for reading. One way to motivate your child is to make reading enticing and fun. It can be something you do together on a regular basis. Reading should be a pleasurable, non-stressful event that brings adults, teens, and children closer together.

In school, your child will be asked to think deeply about books and to pay close attention to details as he/she reads. This could mean doing activities like analyzing characters, visualizing, problem and solution analysis, or retelling stories. Let him or her practice at home with these fun projects.

Character Cereal

Have your kiddo over an empty cereal box with paper and decorate it based on his or her favorite storybook character. For example, The Selection (C.Cass)- the main character America learns about herself and what it means to believe in love. Your kiddo could name the cereal Loving Charms. Encourage him or her to draw the character on his or her box and describe the cereal (sweet and charming yet strong flavors) he or she could add an activity on the back, such as a quiz. There are tons of little quizzes from Google, Sparknotes, and etc.

Setting Map

Suggest that your child draw a map of a book setting. He’ll imagine what the setting might look like and think about how each part is important to the story. If he’s mapping Holes (Louis Sachar), he could use a circle to represent Camp Green Lake, where the prisoners dig holes. He can add an onion for the field where onions grow and are used as medicine.

Plot bag

Let your kiddo fill a paper bag with items related to a story and use them to retell the tale aloud. After he reads a story, like The Hunger Games (S Collins), he or she might put a leaf in the bag, a piece of leather fabric, a piece of paper with Prim’s name on it, and maybe a drawing of an arrow. He or she can then pull out each piece and explain the significance as he or she retells.


  • Feb. 12th - "Half day" on district calendar. "Regular" schedule for in person learners. 11:45 town pick up, 12:10 bus dismissal.
  • Feb. 12th - Feb. 26th - BOBO"s Fundraiser
  • Feb. 15th - No school in observance of President's Day
  • Feb. 27th - District Science Fair