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Paddock Road Monthly Newsletter

December 7 2018

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Calendar Happenings

December 3-9th B&G Tasty Foods Earn 25% for Paddock Road

December 11 - Planet Sub Night

December 13 - 9:00am 5th & 6th Grades Band Concert @Paddock Road

December 18 - 7pm 6th Grade Strings Concert WHS

December 20 - 7pm 5th Grade Strings Concert WHS

December 21 - 2:30pm Winter Sing-a-long. PR Gym

December 24-January 4th No School Winter Break

January 8 - Planet Sub Night

January 8 - PRCC Meeting Library 7:00pm

Rules for Snow Gear

Scott Becker

I wanted to remind families of the recess procedures regarding days with snow cover. To help maximize instructional time, students may dress out in snow boots and snow pants on Fridays to access areas of the playground other than the blacktop with snow cover. Teachers who are giving brain breaks during the day will use their discretion for allowing students to dress out in snow gear Monday through Thursday. Classroom teachers will communicate days in which students should bring snow gear.

When is Too Sick For School?

Send me to school if:

Your child has a runny nose or just a little cough, but no other symptoms.

Your child has not taken any fever reducing medicine for 24 hours and hasn't had a fever during that time.

Your child has not thrown up or had any diarrhea for 24 hours.

Keep them home if:

They have a temperature of 100 or higher.

They are throwing up or have diarrhea.

Their eyes are pink and crusty.

Call the doctor if:

They have a temperature higher then 100 degrees for two days or longer.

They are throwing up or having diarrhea longer than two days.

They have had the sniffles longer than a week or are not getting better.

They still have asthma symptoms after using their asthma medications.

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TAGG it Tuesday!

Planet Sub and TAGG are working together to make Every Tuesday night a fundraising night! Planet Sub will donate 15% of your purchase to Paddock Road when you TAGG your receipt.

8990 West Center Road
New to TAGG? Go to and start TAGGing for Paddock Road!

STEM Night Fun

The Gift of Time

When I talk to your children about what they appreciate most from friends and family, time is the most frequent response.

Each day we are all given twenty-four hours to use. We’re busy. Our children are busy. One way to stay connected with each other is to plan a special time together. Your life style may not allow for a weekly one on one time with each of your children. You may find it works better to plan weekly family times and monthly one on one “dates”.

Nothing tells children more clearly that they are just as important to us as our work, a doctor’s appointment, or other special events, than taking our time and making a gift of it to them.

By taking a walk, making a meal, or playing a game you can focus your love and attention on your child(ren). In the process you’ll lay a foundation of love and trust that will serve you all in years to come.

Sarah Lieske, NCC, LMHP

School Counselor

Family Holiday Movie Night

Monday, December 17 at 6:00pm

Come enjoy a holiday movie with your friends & family in the Library at School! Bring your pillow, blanket, and wear your p.j.’s! A snack will be provided.

Buddy Activities Are a Favorite!

Following Instructions

Paddock Road Elementary school utilizes a positive approach for teaching and intervening with students’ social, emotional, and behavioral skills. Teaching these skills helps students be successful at school, at home, and in their community. These skills also positively affect all students’ academic achievement. Best practice for teaching and reinforcing social, emotional, and behavioral skills is to use a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBiS) framework. Under this framework, behavior is approached in a proactive rather than a reactive manner. At Paddock Road, we use Boys Town social skills to highlight steps in common life skills. Below is an example for following instructions. At home, families can refer to these steps and remind children when they follow instructions it looks like saying or thinking okay and doing it right away. You could also ask your child how they are learning this skill in the classroom.
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Get Ready For the Read-a-Thon!

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Geography Bee Winners

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The Above Students Took Part in the Geography Bee

The winners were:

1st Place Piper Z.

2nd Place Grant R.
3rd Place Evlyn J.
4th Place Erin F.


These make great gifts for your students!

T-shirts and Sweatshirts available.

Prices range from $12-$25.

Email with requested style and size
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