Personal Logo Vinyl Cutter

Abode Illustrator and Roland Vinyl Cutter BN20


-Project 3: Create a personal logo that can be printed on a vinyl printer.

-Use both text and imaging to have this project represent an aspect of yourself.

-You can print either a sticker or a heat transfer to put on a shirt.

Price : $1.50


One obstacle I came across was with the cut line of the vinyl printing. The printer didn't cut around the paintbrush handle because the cut line was only around the gear. I ended up having to hand cut the paint brush handle. Next time I will make sure that I have the cut lines in the right place.

Caption: Machine used to print vinyl sticker

Product Appeal

This product would mainly appeal towards me but could also apply to people who share similar interests with me. This product is desirable to me because it is a symbol of things that I hold important in my life. I represents my love for engineering, foreign languages, art, and nature.


I found designing something for yourself is a lot harder than designing something for something else. It was a fun to be ale to design basically anything we wanted and I realized how far I've come in learn how to use Adobe illustrator. I have reached the level at which I wanted to be with using Adobe Illustrator and feel that I have a decent grasp on the software.