Gray Wolf

North America


The Gray Wolf is a classified mammal. Also the Gray Wolf has a gray fur coat with lighter underparts. The length of a gray wolf is 5-6.5 feet. And they weigh about 80 pounds. Gray wolves also have sensitive ears and a nose to track down prey. Their fur is thick with an outer layer of coarse guard hair but also have a soft undercoat that is present.

Food Chain

Gray wolves are carnivores. They eat moose, caribou, and deer like animals. Gray wolves can eat 22 pounds of meat. The grey wolf takes in about 2.5 to 6.3 kilograms of food per day. When prey is being hunted often chased which would last about 100 meters to 5 kilometers.

Gray Wolf Kills Elk


The gray wolves live in various places where food is found, including forests, tundra, taiga, deserts, plains and mountains. Most gray wolves live in dens and caves. At the end of ice age wolves spread throughout the area choosing temperate forests, hot deserts, mountains and others.


Gray wolves use their teeth and claws for hunting. Also gray wolves have good sense of hearing and good night vision. The coat of a gray wolf is a great insulator and can keep out moisture. They also have fleshy paws that are better for traction in the winter.

critical info

Gray wolves are endangered because they're are being trapped and shot for their fur. Some programs reimburse livestock owners for damage that has been made. They are also killed because they were misunderstood. So people are trying not to shoot them and get the extinct. The reason why we don't want them to be extinct is because without wolves the ecological system would not be balanced in the world.